Tuesday, October 24, 2017

 Malachi turns 8

Dear Mali,

My sweet baby boy.


You are 8.

My eyes well up with tears - not because I grieve your babyhood, but because the older I get

and the older you get

the more aware of the awesome privilege it is to raise you.

I have watched you grow up so much this past year.  It has been, and will continue to be, my distinct privilege to love you as your mom.
I get to be the one whose hand yours slips into as you walk through different phases of life.
I get to be home to you.
I get to be your safe place.  I take that very seriously.
Especially as we give you more and more space and independence.
As you realize just how broken this world is that we live in.
I will be your safe place to fall.
Your safe place to grieve.
Your safe place to make mistakes and know that love will find you here.
Lay your head on my chest for as long as you want to.
I will be here.
I will love you through all of it.
 I could never stop loving you.

This year you went to overnight camp for the first time.
You started riding your bike like a champ.
You became a glasses wearer, like the rest of the fam.
Your reading level jumped up and you followed in your brother's footsteps of late night reading, devouring all of your precious books.
You made the decision to obey God in baptism (happening this Sunday!).

I know it isn't exactly easy to be the youngest of four boys... ;) And you certainly don't make it easy on the other three as you all clamor for dominance in this household. Sometimes it's laughable, sometimes it's frustrating - but beneath all of it,  I do hope that the solid foundation of life we are striving to build for each of you shows you that you are uniquely loved.  You are each our very precious gifts from God.

So, here you are - now starting your 9th year!  I am at the edge of my seat just waiting to see what God has for you this year, Mals! He is good and he is working and I know that this year will be no different than the last eight in his goodness to you.  Keep seeking him.  keep asking allll of those questions.  Keep following him and leading others.

I love you Mali.  Happy eight! You bring so much life to this family!

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