Wednesday, January 4, 2017

 A decade of Noe

Dear Noe,

Sometimes I get this feeling that parenting you is a sacred divine blessing in my life.

- Not that you are perfect by any stretch of the imagination, or even "easy" per se.  Just very unique and God's fingerprints are so clearly seen on you.

We have had the privilege of your presence being woven into our family for an entire decade now.  It has been a sweet journey.

I love your heart.

I am challenged by your heart,

motivated by your passion for God and your eternal perspective.

I am often silenced by your statements of truth and *Big* questions.

Two months before turning 10 you began a plan to read through the Bible in a year.  I encouraged you but in a hesitant way.

Because - you were nine.

And the Bible is a BIG book.

And attention spans can get short.

And discouragement can set in...

Oh me of little faith.

Not only have you stuck with the plan ever so faithfully, but you are not just skimming this big book. You are drinking deeply of the well of Living Water.  And your mama stands humbly by.

It is fun to talk about what we are reading together!  As always, you are my old soul.  You are my little boy whose eyes see deeper and whose heart reaches past the surface.

You are a great opportunity for me.  You help me to think on a different plane.

You take my parenting style for a trip and of course - I learn as much as I teach.

We are working with you on flexibility

On letting go of perfection

On less judging and more grace -

Things God is tweaking our hearts on as well.

Our talks on the way to school are some of the most valuable parts of my day.  I love the topics you choose,  ranging from music, to school, to what you want to be when you grow up, and what God is doing in your life.  Let's always talk about any thing and everything together, ok?  I love the openness we share right now - and I want you to know that your thoughts are very important to me!

Thank you for being you!

Thank you for helping me out whenever you see a need.

Thank you for valuing peace.

Thank you for making us breakfast. :)

Thank you for your heart and compassion!

You are a gift to us, Noe!!

I seriously can not wait to see what God has in store for you.  Watching your life unfold will be our privilege!  Your selflessness and motivation to pursue what really matters is so veyr admirable and will take you far.

Happy 10.

Tuesday, January 3, 2017

 The {Heart} of Christmas

What did you think

How did you feel?

Were you wrapped in the sorrows,

Of all you would heal?

Did your human heart break

Right when you were born

As you saw with men's eyes

A world that's so torn?

Glory Celestial

Collides in the cold

Down to terrestrial

To carry this load

Of pain, fear, and sin

Our hope starts to rise

The rescue begins

You wipe tears from our eyes

It could not have been clean

Your mild entrance here

A glimpse of humanity

Cries, blood, and tears

It's messy and raw

The state of our hearts

A reflection of that

Is how the plan starts

Our reach for much more

Our sad hopeless state

Just piles of dust

Mortal jars of hard clay

You joined us in that

As part of your plan

For only You could be

A pure spotless lamb

With desperation and need

May we see with new eyes

That rescue was ours

When we let You take the lead

To humbly bow

At your feet – seek your heart

Grasp the hem of your robe

Breath in Grace - to impart

Flooding it on

A world that's in need

Wherever we can

Planting that seed

We are rescued, bought back

Redeemed and made new

On our own we are nothing

Our only hope is in You

Saturday, October 22, 2016

 Mali turns seven

Dear Mali,

The energy around your seventh birthday is something I won't forget.

You are a ball of energy - that's the truth.  But *this day*, well, that was an understatement.

Your chosen menu, your handmade signs, the decorations,  hayride - sparklers.  Seven year old dreams coming true.

My baby boy.  We ended on such a unique note with you. ;)

The two things you had asked us for as birthday gifts certainly highlights that fact.

1}  An essential oil diffuser

2} A goose down comforter.

What seven year old asks for those things? - Mine. ;)

You can be hard.

So, so hard.  And you know it.

But you are the baby.  And that's a thing. ;) {Said the mama who is also a baby}

You are also


cuddly {SO cuddly}

a deep thinker






I don't want to forget your crazy {out-of-control?} affinity for stuffed animals.

The many insightful political conversations we have had together on this election year.

Our nightly routine of reading devotions together in your top bunk, talking all about your day, and cuddling.  The way you weave your arms around mine and won't let me go at the end of the day.

Your long eye lashes resting on your cheeks,  when you *finally* give in to sleep {always after a bit of a struggle...} and I fulfill your request to "check on me one more time!"

Your questions about God,  life,  trust,  friends, and the world.

You are our gift, Mal.  Our precious, tough, strong willed caboose.

We are so thankful for you.  For all you have added to our family.  Even on the days of struggle and the nights we fall into bed,  exhausted from going up against that will of yours - yep, even then.  You are our corner of crazy and our piece of precious.


Monday, October 10, 2016

 {October} 10 on the 10th

Getting ready to drive the two youngest to our elementary school.  This time of year we are greeted by BEAUTY when we step out the door.  Takes my breath away. Thank you God! 

When I downloaded 10-10 pics from my phone - I saw this.  My finger was right over that delete button when I realized this actually is a fairly accurate representation of life right now.  ;)

 So what if it was an accidental photo that I didn't even know I took. Here it is.  

A blur.  But a blur of light and color. 

A routine visit to U of M.  Best Neurologists ever.  

Waiting.  And waiting.  And realizing that my U of M visitor sticker matches my LuLaRoe leggings. ;) it's the little things.... 

And back to the middle school and elementary school for a van full of cuties. 

So, this picture... ;) Oh you guys.  Since our day was different than our normal routine,  and it was really packed, and I am a little too scattered.... 

I brought K to occupational therapy without socks and shoes. 

I am officially "that mom". 

Thank you Lions.  {!!}

Thank you Papa John's.

Thank you husband.

Ham and mushroom + Ham and pineapple.  My favs. ;) 
Enjoyed by all.  
And goodnight.