Tuesday, January 3, 2017

 The {Heart} of Christmas

What did you think

How did you feel?

Were you wrapped in the sorrows,

Of all you would heal?

Did your human heart break

Right when you were born

As you saw with men's eyes

A world that's so torn?

Glory Celestial

Collides in the cold

Down to terrestrial

To carry this load

Of pain, fear, and sin

Our hope starts to rise

The rescue begins

You wipe tears from our eyes

It could not have been clean

Your mild entrance here

A glimpse of humanity

Cries, blood, and tears

It's messy and raw

The state of our hearts

A reflection of that

Is how the plan starts

Our reach for much more

Our sad hopeless state

Just piles of dust

Mortal jars of hard clay

You joined us in that

As part of your plan

For only You could be

A pure spotless lamb

With desperation and need

May we see with new eyes

That rescue was ours

When we let You take the lead

To humbly bow

At your feet – seek your heart

Grasp the hem of your robe

Breath in Grace - to impart

Flooding it on

A world that's in need

Wherever we can

Planting that seed

We are rescued, bought back

Redeemed and made new

On our own we are nothing

Our only hope is in You

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