Saturday, October 22, 2016

 Mali turns seven

Dear Mali,

The energy around your seventh birthday is something I won't forget.

You are a ball of energy - that's the truth.  But *this day*, well, that was an understatement.

Your chosen menu, your handmade signs, the decorations,  hayride - sparklers.  Seven year old dreams coming true.

My baby boy.  We ended on such a unique note with you. ;)

The two things you had asked us for as birthday gifts certainly highlights that fact.

1}  An essential oil diffuser

2} A goose down comforter.

What seven year old asks for those things? - Mine. ;)

You can be hard.

So, so hard.  And you know it.

But you are the baby.  And that's a thing. ;) {Said the mama who is also a baby}

You are also


cuddly {SO cuddly}

a deep thinker






I don't want to forget your crazy {out-of-control?} affinity for stuffed animals.

The many insightful political conversations we have had together on this election year.

Our nightly routine of reading devotions together in your top bunk, talking all about your day, and cuddling.  The way you weave your arms around mine and won't let me go at the end of the day.

Your long eye lashes resting on your cheeks,  when you *finally* give in to sleep {always after a bit of a struggle...} and I fulfill your request to "check on me one more time!"

Your questions about God,  life,  trust,  friends, and the world.

You are our gift, Mal.  Our precious, tough, strong willed caboose.

We are so thankful for you.  For all you have added to our family.  Even on the days of struggle and the nights we fall into bed,  exhausted from going up against that will of yours - yep, even then.  You are our corner of crazy and our piece of precious.


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