Monday, October 10, 2016

 {October} 10 on the 10th

Getting ready to drive the two youngest to our elementary school.  This time of year we are greeted by BEAUTY when we step out the door.  Takes my breath away. Thank you God! 

When I downloaded 10-10 pics from my phone - I saw this.  My finger was right over that delete button when I realized this actually is a fairly accurate representation of life right now.  ;)

 So what if it was an accidental photo that I didn't even know I took. Here it is.  

A blur.  But a blur of light and color. 

A routine visit to U of M.  Best Neurologists ever.  

Waiting.  And waiting.  And realizing that my U of M visitor sticker matches my LuLaRoe leggings. ;) it's the little things.... 

And back to the middle school and elementary school for a van full of cuties. 

So, this picture... ;) Oh you guys.  Since our day was different than our normal routine,  and it was really packed, and I am a little too scattered.... 

I brought K to occupational therapy without socks and shoes. 

I am officially "that mom". 

Thank you Lions.  {!!}

Thank you Papa John's.

Thank you husband.

Ham and mushroom + Ham and pineapple.  My favs. ;) 
Enjoyed by all.  
And goodnight.  

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