Saturday, January 25, 2014

 Life at the beginning of 2014

I thought it was perhaps time for a loosely informative, more free writing type post from over here.  How's that for a preface? *smile*

2014. It's good. I don't make resolutions, per se, but I do have vision. I am a girl full of dreams and desires of betterment.

Can I say though - I am also a girl who has struggled greatly with discipline in the past. I will start out strong, full speed ahead (All The Excitement. All The Good Intentions)…and generally find myself on the up-climb of some steep hill, sputtering out a few, "I think I can's" - but pretty much deciding in my heart that "I know I can't".

But Jesus.
  He lives in me. He is strong in me. And that has never been more clear than in the last 6 months. On those inclines, where the Wendi of the past shuts her eyes, and coasts back down (oh so many times), I am now grabbing on to something bigger than myself, and I'm moving upward. So slowly, but forward motion is being made.

2014 - no more coasting backwards. I'm not pretending that doesn't mean sometimes simply standing firm, yet standing still.
But not backwards.

This is proving true with:
Home organization and basic management
Time management
Patience in parenting

I'm feeling some freedom here guys, and that's huge! It's a different kind of freedom than you might think. It's a freedom through discipline and through dependence. Kind of takes some time to wrap your mind around that one.

I'm not going to rant about the cold.
I'm not going to rant about the cold.
Hey - guess what? I'm not going to rant about the cold. ;) I have never really minded winter. I love the beauty of the snow. I have however never been a huge fan of cold. I feel like I am cold 3/4 of the year. :) I am, at this moment, in flannel jammies AND wrapped in a fleece blanket. So yep, this is me not ranting. Silver lining: Twenty degrees (you know, above that little "zero" mark) is so very tolerable.

I'm currently grappling with a barrage of thoughts on what it means to reflect Christ well. These thoughts are longing to be written, and threatening to become a word avalanche I am afraid, but are extremely unorganized as of yet. My heart is still in the truth seeking phase.

I'm going to go out on a limb and jot down some of the essence of those thoughts. As already written though, remember - unorganized and still seeking. 

Thoughts about our "rights" - real and perceived.
They are thoughts on obedience and grace.
What that means, and really - what it DOESN'T mean, that many say it DOES mean.
Um, so that's clear as mud, right?! ;)

Thoughts about the air of entitlement that seems to permeate the American culture. And the Christian culture.  
About being peacemakers,
being gentle,
honoring other's,
loving deeply

…and not being tolerant (by the worlds standards),
or fickle.

About standing firm on truth.
About refusing to elevate myself based on personal convictions and choices.
Reaching past comfort.
Engaging our culture.
Allowing my heart to break and my hands to get dirty for the Kingdom of Christ.

So, it's alot. There is a slight possibility that my darling husband has had an ear full and maybe even lost out on some highly valuable sleep (his alarm still sounds at 4 am…) due to this mental piecing together that I am in the middle of… (he's wonderful).

I am presently fulfilling commitments, but looking to a time when my schedule will look very different than it does right now.  Around the time that the snow begins to melt, some of my commitments will as well. I am pouring myself into them while it is still cold, for sure. But I know that God's call is falling on some different areas, and that soon…. soon it will be different. Not necessarily less - but more focused and different.  I'm not going to go into these changes much, yet, because nothing is written in stone. When I know a few more details - I'm sure there will be much to say. What I am sure of is this: There will be leading and teaching from God's Word. I will have opportunities to pour into lives, and that makes me infinitely excited!

I have been booking 2014 weddings, and ever so grateful that God has continually brought these my way. One of the best compliments that I have consistently heard from potential brides is that they saw my work, felt my style, and chose me based on how obviously the images reflect my love for what I do. Yes. Goal met. :)

Friends, grab a fleece blanket, some hot chocolate (do not even think about leaving out tons of marshmallows), and just stand firm on this up-climb. It won't last forever. ;)

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Andrea said...

So enjoyed these thoughts Wendi! I really cannot wait for you to put the thoughts on reflecting Christ down on paper (or on the screen I guess...), my heart was just in total agreement reading through the little bits you did jot down. I feel for you in the cold snap - it seems our weather has swapped as here we are enjoying rivers of melting snow - which is SO unusual for January! Blessings on you as you continue to stand in the up-climb :)