Tuesday, January 21, 2014

 In the midst of everything else, there's this guy

So there's this guy…..

He had a birthday too. :)

There's this little date, tucked close within so many BIG dates, that great effort is needed to invest into making his day a special one.

It does kind of feel like seven happened while I wasn't looking. 

Our Noe - Seven!

As much as we desire that his birthday be recognized and celebrated, uniquely and apart from the holidays near by it, it's always surrounded by such a whirlwind of activity that no matter what we do, it comes and goes rather hurriedly. 

Enjoyed and celebrated thoroughly, nonetheless!

He is so special, and so sweet.

Artistic to the core, he embodies nearly every generalization you may have heard about artists. Who could have imagined that we would have artistic kids?? Ha! Looking into little mirrors is surely a growing process…. 

So, he has excellent taste - 

Tries very much to "hold his own" in a house full of competitive boys,

is tender, gentle, loving, 
and boy - we are still fighting that whole whining tendency like crazy.

I call him my "old soul"
my "little professor"
my "Noe bean"
and "boo".

Poor guy. ;) I know. 

But as for the old soul, he has these insights that are just older than he is. His eyes sometimes look places that can't earthly be seen. His sensitivity is a gift. 

My prayers for him continue to be focused on his sweet compassion, and the channeling that gift will need. He feels everything deeply, and that makes life a bumpy ride, for sure. Remember what I said about little mirrors? Yes.

We've seen much growth this year. 

Perfectionism still taunts, and with tears he is slowing learning that there is no such thing

On the anniversary of J.D.'s death he had not realized what day it was as he sat in the bathroom and watched me get ready for church.

He just kept staring at me, and finally asked, "I just feel like you are sad. I don't know why, I just feel like it."

So, I told him that yeah, I was. I told him why and he had an almost physical reaction. He pulled back and his eyes got wide, "oh, mom. That IS sad. That is so sad. My heart feels sad."

He just rubbed my arm and watched me apply my make up. He kind of hovered that day. He stayed close, and looked in my eyes every once in a while. Like he was just checking on me. 

The other boys talked about it some as well, but Noe just processes things more intuitively. He stuck by me and quietly offered what he had. It was sweetly poignant. "Mom, I wish he was here. I wish I could play with him, and that he was our brother. I mean he is our brother. I wish he was… our brother - here, you know?" 

Yep. I do know. 

So he brings a loyalty, 
a sweetness, 
a merciful introspective outlook,
an emotional roller coaster,
an artistic flair,
a moody chaos,
a tender love
to our home. :) 

And I could not even begin to imagine our home without him.

I know that just as his birthday is surrounded by other big days he may feel surrounded by other big deals. At times he feels a bit like a middle child, with K being higher maintenance, Jay taking alot of our time and energy in discipline, and the baby. 

Noe tends to be quieter, and is a peacemaker. He may voluntarily go unnoticed at times, so as not to cause waves. 

He may feel like he's just not a big deal.

 He couldn't be further from the truth, and we are intentionally pouring into him, as he gets older and grapples with his place.

Our dear boy, you are ever so important. In the midst of the plenty that God has given, we recognize you as very much a part of that. You are dear and loved and so very, very valuable! Keep being everything you are to us and this family. We thank God for seven beautiful years with you! 

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Lynda Halliger Otvos (Lynda M O) said...

Happy Birthday Noe, you're well on your way. I hope your birthday dreams come true thruout the year. Happiness and Love to you. Seven will be the Best So Far.