Monday, May 6, 2013

 Monday thoughts

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Spring is here. It is finally, finally here, and it feels amazing. Beautiful. It's been in the 80's this week, folks.

It feels like we have had The Longest Winter Ever. I know we haven't. But boy was it feeling like it.

Perfect segue into the next subject. ~

I had the best crying/sniffling/snot flying/laughing phone convo with my sis Trish last week. As is usually the case, God is really hammering on both of us the same lesson. In very different ways, mind you, but so very similar heart tugs and lessons in process of being learned. I love her. 

Basically the lesson boils down to this:

There are days that you won't feel like obeying.

There are times in life, here on earth, when we put one foot in front of the other, when we are void of warm fuzzies, when we are in a really dry time, and we just do it anyway.

We obey God, and we still look for opportunities to serve, and we give of ourselves, because we are His, and He loved us first, and His love is enough.  ~

I have experienced some things in the past month that I haven't gone through for a very long time. For some of them - perhaps not ever.

I know that I have been in more of a valley than a mountain top. Fortunately I also know this is a normal part of life. The cool thing? I grew in that valley, in unexpected ways.

I had been very used to hearing, just short of audibly, the voice of God on a nearly daily basis. And then for a time, I was just not hearing Him like that. But it wasn't at all an alarming feeling or a wondering if He isn't here, or if he doesn't care. No. Although it felt strange, I was confident that my foundation of faith was rock solid and secure.

 I KNOW He is here with me. I KNOW He is good.

And for now, I am learning all about what it means to live a life of faithfulness, based on what I know rather than what I feel, or any emotional experience I may or may not be having.

It's good. Really, really good. Hard, but good.

And… there are already stirrings of the dry time coming to an end. God is moving and working, and I have no idea what He is actually doing right now, but I am seeing Him.  ~

I had a little run in with kidney stones about a month ago. Not fun. Not at all. I have talked to a couple of doctors and a specialist, and the consensus surprises no one.  Guess who wasn't drinking enough water (again…. ) Shaking my head in shame. 

So, in the past month I have increased my water consumption like a crazy person. I'm using all the tricks I can think of, and so far it is working. :)  Funny when one has to trick oneself, huh?

I have two large water bottles, which I have been filling and putting in the fridge each evening. If water has to be consumed, it must be cold. And I have been adding these lovelies.

 It helps. :)

I'm up to about 50 oz per day. For me, that is huge. :) Laugh if you want, but this has always been a struggle.~

This morning I had a moment with my boys. We were in the van, on the way to school, and listening to the radio. The dj's were promoting a Mother's Day contest. I joked with the boys that they really should go on line and enter their mama. They just had to say how wonderful I was, y'know? Jay's reply: "Well mom, I can think of about one thousand things you do bad, and maybe five or six that you do good."

Okay then. 

Motherhood = being humbled over and over and over. 

I love you too, Jay. ~

Time to get movin'. Today is my "work day". On Mondays I drop Kai off with daddy, right after he finishes with work at the university, and I head into town to work at the pregnancy resource center. Mondays are very special days for me.

Have a great one, ya'll!


Trisha Adolphs said...

I love you! We keep moving forward. putting one foot in front of the other. Clinging to His promises, knowing He has the perfect plan. I love how you are able to articulate what you are feeling and going thru. you truly have a gift with your words. Keep on blessing certainly are a blessing to me!

Rachel said...

So true. All of it!

I'm SO happy that spring is here at long last! Like, giddy happy :) Sending the kids outside to play = best thing EVER.

Lessons that are hard...yep.

Parenting is humbling...yep. Sounds like you're doing more things right than me though ;) I mean, five or six? That's awesome!

I cannot wait to see you and catch up and introduce you to little miss Hannah. It has been WAY too long!

Andrea said...

Oh dear, that *was* the longest winter ever! (and that's coming from a Canadian who is used to long winters...). So happy you are enjoying the beginnings of spring too, and learning through dry seasons - so with you on all of it. Hope you have a wonderful Monday at the care center! :)