Thursday, May 16, 2013

 A little "check in" in the midst of my busy

Someday I will write on this blog again. (Hello to my sister and mom, who have been asking) ;)

And update my photo-a-day blog (which shows the last posted photo-a-day as April 26…Yikes!)

And get my May 10 on the 10th up, write about my lovely Mother's Day, and how these boys continue to steal my heart and test my patience daily…

Someday I will have a little more time to write, and post, and document.

And, you know, organize my house.

But for now - this little 'ol photography business that we started a couple of springs ago has begun to really take off. I'm still kind of amazed. And I'm still loving it tremendously.

This week I have the privilege of taking spring photos for a local dance studio. Stuff that makes me squeal - I just can't help it. Look at this:

Collective "aww!"

As you can imagine, it has been super fun. I am there Monday through Saturday this week, so it's been busy - and I have ALOT of "awww photos" waiting to be made into prints. :) When the week is through, I will have photographed 89 dance students from age 3 to college age.

I thought June was going to be busy for photography (no big deal, just 5 weddings and four other sessions booked…), but it ends up May is keeping my battery on it's charger daily as well.

I'm thankful.

Really thankful!

Dave has been amazing during what is proving to be my "busy season". He has made supper, done baths, and put the boys to bed every night this week. That's a big deal to me. He's always been very involved, and willing to do that stuff, but I still recognize it as a really big blessing.

Love that guy. 

So that's my little "check in" here on the blog. I will be back. There are some stirrings in our hearts, and so much that I can't wait to express here. Soon. 

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Jenn said...

Wendi, great job on the dance photos. My daughter just had hers done... let just say yours are beautiful. I was a bit disappointed in my daughters.