Friday, April 26, 2013

 This is what it looks like to have a photographer for a mamma

The McCallum "baby" is now closer to age four than age three.


My heart is most definitely all tied up in this smile.

April 14th was his official "half birthday". When we were talking about that, he looked up at me and said, "well mom, we should probably get out and take my three-and-a-half pictures then, right?"

 So proud,

oh-so-proud. ;)

I only took 225 photos….

Dearest little son,

You are sunshine in my every day. Even those days of kicking and screaming, typical three year old behavior, I eventually see that grin and those glittery hazel eyes and  I melt.

What a mixture of the sharp intelligence of your daddy, and the polyanna-esque exuberance of your mamma!

If our family were an ice cream sunday, you would for sure be the cherry on top.

"I luzsh you mamma, I just luzsh you so much" - is the anthem that keeps my heart lifted and warmed to the core.   I do hope that your f's and v's continue to be "zsh's" for as long as possible. It is the cutest thing. ;)

You are too young to fully understand what your presence means in my life.

 I know though.

 I know the gift and the Creator. You have His fingerprints all over you. {All due praise and thankfulness to the One who deserves it, and bestowed such an honor on this family}

I see you finding your wings and my sigh is a mixture of pure joy, and, of course, the grief of knowing I will miss my baby boy.

For you, getting older is the best imaginable scenario your little heart can conjure up. Almost every morning you stand on your tip toes and ask, "Did I get taller in my bed mom?" - and then flash that grin…

-And the thing is, most mornings you do look bigger. You certainly know how to eat, and you are a good sleeper (once we get past all of the "stalls" of finding each blanket, pillow, top sheet - you are the first 3 year old I have ever known who is attached to your "top sheet" -, lotion for your "itchies", and all of those deep life analyzing questions that only come to you at 8:30 pm). So, of course you are getting bigger. That's a good thing.

Really. Good.

But for me, watching this happen so fast, right before my eyes - I see the changes your growth indicates. My all-day-every-day little companion will soon be adding more things to his life, and there will be a different feeling to who I am; what defines me.

But for now… for now I savor

and cuddle

and choose to be present.

I discipline


and stand in awe of the magnificent blessing you are.

{Thank you Jesus, for this amazing gift to our family, named Malachi}



Christy said...

So stinking sweet!

Jenn said...

Wendi, every time I see your work I can see you blooming as a photographer. Such beauty captured here!