Sunday, April 7, 2013

 {I'll bring you more than a song}

Can I just tell you that God cares, so much, about the details of your life?
-That he still speaks, and cares, and orchestrates, and pursues?

That's a place I just want to camp out at. I want to be there and stay there - on that truth.
Through all of the ups and downs in life;
the disappointments, and dry times.
The phases of life when I feel alone and directionless.
And the good.
The spectacular, mountain top, breathless moments.
I want to always be at this place of knowing, knowing, that God is good all the time and He is beyond worthy of my worship.

Sometimes worship takes a shape we don't recognize. And we need, we just so need, to see it for what it is. The root of worship is worthy {worth-ship}. Any time we acknowledge His worth, that He, Jesus, is worthy- we are worshiping.

I worshipped this week when I took little man to the doctor and we acknowledged that miracles do happen. 

I worshipped when God answered a prayer for us. You know those prayers? - "A red light or a green light, God - could you give one?" And it came in the form of a closed door. Worship? Yes. God is speaking. He is moving. He finds us worthy of his intimate hand in the details of our lives. Wow.


I worshipped when we were given a gift this week that really took our breath away. It spoke grace to us. I watched my husband worship and I watched that worship transform a weary heart to a heart drenched in grace. That Grace multiplied all over our family, and that - well that leads to more worship.

I worshipped in the presence of two very special friends, who lifted my heart and encouraged me.

I worshipped in the finally-arrived-spring-time-weather, when I got to get out there with my camera again, and jump back into the job that I love.

I worshipped when sleep was eluding both Dave and I in the wee hours of the morning - and we talked and prayed and talked some more.
About what God is doing and how He moves.
About His crazy love.
About our little family, and our purposes.

I worshipped on my bike this week. 5.5 miles with a tandem behind me. Dave in front with a lil' tator in  front of him and K in the cart behind him. Beauty all around us as spring struggles to make its presence known. Too much not to acknowledge that He is worthy.

And then this morning.

I was scheduled to be on the worship team at our church this morning. Apt, right? All this talk about worship, passion for it, spilling over to our church family. Good. I practiced from 8:30 - 9:30 with the other vocalists and musicians. On my way to Sunday school I had the prompting to check my voicemail. - Not something I usually do on the way to Sunday school. No one leaves me voice mails on Sunday mornings. But there it was.

The hospital I had 3 of my babies in. The birthing center calling me because my name is on the Now I Lay Me Down To Sleep registry {Providing the gift of remembrance photography for parents suffering the loss of a baby}. I signed up for it a year ago, but never really became active with it. The photographer who usually takes the photos for them on vacation…. and they wondered, could I do it?

Well, there was Sunday school,
and boys,
and one vehicle,
I didn't have my camera, and I was tired,
I was on worship team….

As I drove into the parking garage at the hospital I sent a text to Dave,

"This is my worship"

And it was.

I went from shaky and unsure of my capability to do what I was being asked to do, to confident, ready, and completely calm.

Hugging and praying with the sweet little mama. Little fingers and toes seen through my macro lens.

None of it was coincidence, and down to the smallest detail, God was in all of it. I later told Dave that God did it, and I was just along for the ride. That's how it happened.

Even in his name; the sweet baby boy, now in the arms of Jesus - even in that detail it was this clear sign from God.

 "Here it is - here's right where you are supposed to be right now. I haven't forgotten what your heart trudged through. I haven't forgotten, and this multiplies your purpose."

His name was Joshua.

And I got right back to church at noon on the dot.

And that, friends, is worship.


Anonymous said...

Thanks Wendi for being "such an instrument" for God's using. Your lives make such a melody to the Lord! Blessings!

Andrea said...

I have *tears* streaming down my face. All I can say is wow... is He ever worthy!