Thursday, April 4, 2013

 {God winks}

Lots of thoughts are swirling, many too personal to write. That happens sometimes.
Hard to articulate,
choosing not to articulate,
glad to have other means than this to articulate.
But, nonetheless, this always draws me in, begging me to document life for those moments when I will want to remember.

When my mind is muddled with stuff of life, and I close my eyes to refocus, I am often brought to a single thought 


Already. Enough.

And often, my thoughts will settle on my K.

He's pretty amazing. 

We are on spring break this week, and I was able to have some one-on-one time with my oldest on Tuesday.  I can so easily get overwhelmed in the "everything" of my life - and just miss some of the "one things" that are big
and amazing
and wonderful.

I'm so glad for all of the reminders that God gives me of the big, amazing, wonderful things. I needed these reminders from Him - and wow did He flood me with them in the last few days! Winks from God just everywhere. From sweet moments with my boys during their break from school, to over-the-top kindness from people around us, and good reports from doctors.

This dude - he is so full of surprises and questions. He embodies the statement "doing his own thing". Always has, always will.

I love him fierce.

We went to his routine 6 month neurologist appointment; an event that usually consists of driving for an hour to chat with a doctor for 10 minutes. *grin*.  - Not complaining though. We LOVE this doctor, and he is one of the only doctors that we still see who has known K since birth. He tips his hat to the miracle who walks through his doors every 6 months. We tip our hat to him. 

This time it was different. After the expected short chat, and brief analyzing, I told the doctor that K has been showing much more of a desire to walk.
On his own.

He raised his brow, and said he would like to see that. K walked across his tiny office, and it was obvious, even in the short 3-4 feet that he walked, that several changes had taken place over the last 6 months.

Really good changes. 

The biggest thing? - He wants to do it. He wants to walk on his own.

 In years past, several doctors and physical therapists have worked with him. Over and over and over. Trying to get his body to be mobile. There is most definitely a place for that, and his body does need stretched, challenged, and persuaded.

But the secret to this dude is his mind. 

About 4 months ago he stood up and started walking around the house. Because he wanted to. He still likes to take the lazy way and scoot around every now and then, but most often we will see him stand up, steady himself on the furniture and be off walking. He even stands up and walks right up the stairs quite often now, instead of backing up them on his bottom (*heartattack*).

And so now…

Well, there's alot more that may be opening up to him.

Options, opportunities, and decisions that we may be making in the next year or so. 

And by the goodness of God,  I'm honestly not worried about any of it. Botox, or surgery, or anything else

Maybe, possibly, we'll see. 

I know it will all be clear to us and we will be taking it one day at a time. This boy walks and breathes God's grace, and I get to stand back and watch. :) 

{Maybe *hang on for dear life* says it better}

In the next few months we will be seeing a physical medicine and rehabilitation doctor. And we'll go from there. 

So in the vast amount of "everything" that pulls my mind and heart in several different directions - sometimes God just has to pull me in and focus my attention on the big thing he is doing right in front of me. It's like, I can almost see him taking my face and refocusing my gaze. Pointing to my boy. 

These "God winks" - they lift me in a way I can't even express. 

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Kimberly said...

So wonderful! Way to go K!!!!