Friday, September 14, 2012

 {September} 10 on the 10th

(my little internet rant)

It is the 14th. That is an entire four days past the 10th (I know, my math skills are impressive. Thanks for noticing!). Why would I be posting 10 on the 10th today, on the 14th??

Have I lost interest in 10 on the 10th? Absolutely not!
Did I forget about 10 on the 10th in September? - Nope! Was thinking about it ever since the 8th.
Did I happen to not take 10 photos that day? - If you would check out my SD card, you would see quite the opposite. I took more than 10. Many more.
So, what's up with this?

Well, If you happen to venture a guess that this girl has limited internet, and each month reaches a point where, if she's not careful she will go over her precious 5gb, and get stuck with fees she can not justify, then you would be correct! Nice guessing. Now you can go feel sorry for me and all of my first world problems.

So, without further whining and complaining - 10 on the 10th for September. :)

"This is what 10 on 10 is about: Take a photo every hour for ten consecutive hours on the tenth of each month. Document a day of your life and find beauty among the ordinary moments. Then share your beauty with us!"

Sometime, while it was still dark
This was one of the first things I saw when I woke up and it made me s m i l e! Yay fall!!

Let's get this day started
I even spilled a little, because taking a picture while pouring coffee is way harder than you might imagine it in your head. ;) I'm such a dork. 

Annnd… they're up
Oh, that smile. Melts me every.single. time. Wouldn't oatmeal make you grin huge too?

After dropping the boys at school
Best friends. When they aren't throwing things at each other. And the plus is that the mommies get friend time too. We don't usually throw things at each other. 

Post office run
Remember my August 10 on the 10th? That day had pictures of a wedding I photographed. Today I send the 800+ photos to the bride and groom!

After lunch
Cake bakin' time! Because a very special mother/grandma had a very special birthday! And we love her an awful lot.

Later afternoon; getting ready for work
Just got these lovelies out of the closet. It's worth saying again: Yay fall!!

At work
It's not why I volunteer at the Center for Women… but the fact that these are always there waiting for me may slightly motivate… ;)

And here is why I really volunteer. It's educating women in the community. I am so blessed to be a part of this ministry.

10:00 pm
Folding, and folding, and folding many loads of laundry. Because if I don't do it now, it will multiply in that strange way that only the laundry itself fully understands. Plus - it does help me wind down after work. 


Amy@My Front Porch said...

Looks like a very full, very blessed day! And I echo what you said: "Yay, fall!"

Christy said...

Could you send some Fall our way? It's still summer here! :)

Penny said...

I don't know what kind of cake that is, but it looks scrumptious!!