Saturday, June 16, 2012

 Love, grace, mercy, refreshment, {and alot of monkeys}

You know what I think? (well, you're gonna hear it anyway)

I think that Sometimes God may allow one of those very bad, no good days, knowing our humanness and also knowing that when we make it to the other side, things that seemed ordinary before will seem just glorious.

You know what I mean? I can picture our Creator with this grin (but it's a compassionate one) *wink*, watching us stumble around, falling into all kinds of yuck-of-our-own-making, and saying quietly to our souls, "when will you learn? Just wait. You'll make it. Calm down. Wait."

{He took half a day off from work yesterday}

I feel a sheepish amount of relief and embarrassment at my own admission of struggles lately. This hasn't been an easy month, and I have all too quickly reverted into attitude patterns and behaviors that are less than stellar. 

And oh the grace and sweetness poured out on my life… So much that I do not deserve. 

In the past 2 days I have been lifted up more than I ever expected and I am grateful.

Dave has so much on his plate right now, and he creatively {and intuitively} included all of us in part of his art class assignment.

He had to take some photos for his class, and what better place to do so than our favorite zoo?? 

It was just what we all needed, and such a breath of fresh air for me!

I was surely talking a mile a minute during our 30 minute drive as well as our zoo traipsing, but hey, I love the man, and am missing time with him like crazy, so a girls gotta do what a girls gotta do, no?

So, God is good.

And I am most certainly not perfected yet.

And I have a very good man.

And we are beyond blessed with these crazy monkeys. *love them so*


So, that in a nutshell ( post) was my cup-of-cold-water-on-a-hot-day zoo trip.

It's amazing what a little family time (and animal time) can do for ones outlook.

There is so much beauty to behold! With our eyes, and our hearts.


Arlona said...

So glad that you got to be together as a family while Dave worked on his art project. I enjoyed you and the boys in the morning and am looking forward to tomorrow. Bless you!

BARBIE said...

Family time is the best time. So much simply beauty here!

Denise said...

this post could have been mine many times (knowing me, will still be mine); struggling, husband home early, change of scenery, worship happening in unexpected places, breathing a bit again.

i pray for God to continue to lead you in his grace and peace in Christ Jesus. i know he will, that is his way.

btw- i'm hosting a give away some time this week!

Penny said...

Beautiful pictures, beautiful family. So glad y'all got to have that outing together. =)