Thursday, June 21, 2012

 How does your garden grow?

In the midst of this crazy busy season of our lives, it is such a joy to watch something grow and thrive right before our eyes!

Last year my friend Rachel and I decided we were going to have a garden together.

Oh my, was it the most imperfect garden I have ever seen. We were oh-so-determined though. Dave was not available to help, due to his classes, so we just did what we could. Our rototiller was broken all of last year, and there was a point when we thought that perhaps the weeds had won….

Well, it ended up being a success, especially in light of the many near fails. :) I didn't have alot of time on my hands to freeze and can, but still got alot of use out of the garden.

This year though, - Oh this year it is pretty! I must admit that Dave really is the green thumb of the family. He got the garden started this May, during his one month of down time between classes, and due to his dedication to weeding and watering (I think he may talk to the plants really nicely as well), it is doing really well!

 I know that when it begins to provide us with a harvest I will be super busy, if I follow through on the plans I have.

Dave's aunt generously gave me a whole bunch of canning supplies, and although I am intimidated… I'm also very excited!  - Not sure what has become of me in my 30's. The things I get excited about these days are plants, canning, and potty training. Wowww.

Since I am the queen of big/great/superhero intentions, and little follow through (read: many epic fails in discipline), I will have to check back this late summer/early fall to let you know whether or not I took good care of what this wonderful garden provides… ;)

We panted 26 tomato plants, ya'll. I know, I know… ;) It's alot, but we are sharing with friends again, and we are planning some amazing salsa + stewed tomatoes + spaghetti sauce {oh hi kitty, didn't see ya there when I snapped the pic}.

And to continue the growing, thriving, colorful beauty - my Rose of Sharon plant surprised me with its first little bloom of the season! I always greatly anticipate this. It will soon be heavy with blooms on every square inch of its 7 or 8 feet. So gorgeous! To read why this plant is so dear to my heart check out this post. 

There is something so comforting about watching creation move forward and thrive. To see these amazing life cycles has been doing my heart good.


Kristin said...

You know...if you need anyone to take some of those veggies off your hand, I would love to freeze and learn how to can with you:))

Josie James said...

These pics are beautiful. How awesome is God!

Jenn said...

It looks beautiful! If you have any canning questions...feel free to contact me. I've been doing it since I was a little girl with my mom!

Andrea said...

Gorgeous! Love those tomato plants - I can almost smell them ;) Canning is fun once you get the hang of it (and find ways to tip & dunk jars without coming into contact with scalding hot water!) And oh, your Rose of Sharon is simply breathtaking!

Pieces of Sunshine said...

Your garden looks wonderful, so much more than my little patch.