Friday, May 11, 2012

 {May}10 on the 10th

The 6:00 hour:

Up and baking for Mom2mom.

The 7:00 hour:

Gettin' ready for the day {Kudos to my little prodigy Jay for this one}.

The 8:00 hour:

Do ya'll really need this explained? … I didn't think so. ;)

The 10:00 hour:

Picking out pretty beads for crafting with some of my favorite mommy friends. 

The 11:00 hour:

Our beautiful serving spoons. -Except that we decided to change things around and make them our "princess spoons". You know, the kind that you use after the kids are in bed and you get out your own tub of ice cream… *grin*

The 12:00 hour:

Getting home and checking on (playing with, singing to) our new babies. 

The 1:00 hour:

Nom Nom! Ramen noodles anyone?

The 3:00 hour:

You don't even want to know how bad these floors were. The key word though is were. Yay for clean!

The 5:00 hour:

So much hotness. 

The 6:00 hour:

Love our small group. In a big way. God has really blessed us with these people!!

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Andrea said...

oh-so many things to love about this 10 on 10! Pretty spoon idea, Starbucks, baby kitties, Kai's shirt! a hubby at the stove and great community - love it!

Nikki said...

Love this glimpse into your life--those spoons are breathtaking!! And Kai's grin during lunch is priceless. :-)

Fairlightday said...

Love it! So lovely. And I love your spoon idea! I may be stealing it for a craft night. :)

Kiki said...

I love your set and your son Jay has a great eye for photography!

Christy said...

I think it's "hot" anytime my husband cooks as well. Ha! Have a great day girl!

Rach@In His Hands said...

I always love a peek into your sweet life!

Jay takes after his mama! He's got a fab teacher. :)

Denise B. said...

AWW! You have an ORANGE kitty? Is it a boy? (they usually are, you know!). I <3 orange kitties! ;)

Majqqa said...

Awwww ..
I Love it ! *.*