Thursday, May 24, 2012

 In which three of my friends show me some really important truths


It's always been a big word for me. Many implications.

It's been a struggle. I walk a fine line with this one. It's the line between being way too hard on myself and the line of my own impulses tugging me towards another word…


I have these three friends; Becky, Michelle, and Angie.

Known them for several years.

Met them at church and have observed them raising their families in a way that is honoring to God. I have watched them be moms, get jobs, stay home,  homeschool, public school, go to school, and be wives.

We walk alot of the same roads in life. But right now, they are showing me something important.

They aren't that different from me in many aspects. But this year something has set them apart.

I have watched, wide eyed, and listened intently to their journeys as they have together trained for a marathon.

It's not really a living vicariously thing. I couldn't feel less inclined to run a marathon than I do at this moment. ;)

No, it's not the running.

It's the discipline.

I watch, and I listen, and I take it all in, not because I long to be a runner. But because I see the possibilities that present themselves when one sets a goal, trains hard, and keeps commitments.

That's what I long for.

26.2 miles, ya'll. My little non athletic body just shuddered.

I know that my friends did not nonchalantly decide that they would like to run this long distance, stuff their faces with ice cream, sit back, and dream about crossing over the finish line. There may have been some ice cream involved (and I think I saw a picture of chips and dip a few times on facebook, as a post run treat) *wink*, but these girls have trained hard. 

There have been countless runs, in all kinds of weather situations (it is, after all, Michigan). I remember when they did 8.

And 10.

I remember my awe when they did the 18 mile run.

And then 20.

This weekend they will get the pain, and the rush, and the adrenaline,

and then the pay off.

Because they worked for it.

Really, really hard.

And I am thinking that if they have conditioned themselves like this…

than how can I say that I am just too tired/busy/bored to discipline my body and mind for the things that have been lacking?

I see what my friends have done… and it has shown me the excuses and lack of focus in some areas that need attention.

Wishing the very best to these wonderful women this weekend!!!

And praying that I will walk in their example as well.


Michelle Swadling said...

Wow! I'm teary eyed reading this. Thank you Wendi. It means a lot coming from some one I admire so much!!


Becky said...

I love you, friend! Thanks for the kind words and showing us a bit of what we have done. You are an inspiration!

Christy said...

Congrats to your friends doing a marathon. My husband and his friend are training for their second Iron Man and I too am amazed at the discipline it requires. AMAZING! I often watch and wonder,"Am I that disciplined in my walk, in my prayer time in my servant attitude. Such a great thing to reach for. :) Great post.

Owlhaven said...

visiting via the Blogher sidebar

Just had to say how much I love that Sidewalk Prophets song "Live Like That."

Mary, momma to many

Lisa said...

Yes! I long for that committment too...that discipline. I just started running a couple weeks ago because I had finally run out of excuses. This past weekend God nudged me that he might want me to work up to a 5K. Pray that I stay disciplined! And to your friends I say Awesome and great job!