Monday, March 26, 2012

 What valuing life means to me

Sometimes your eyes have been blue,

other times a deep brown

I have seen you in my dreams, and at times could think of little else than our short time together

Behind a closed door

In an ultra sound room

Sometimes we've just talked on the phone, but I still connected with you...

You are the many women who I have had contact with in the place where I work

You are in a pregnancy you did not expect

In a situation that was not your plan

And I am in a job I never thought I could do

Perhaps you have seen those who carry signs and protest aggressively

The distorted frowns of disapproval




That's not me 

Maybe once,

but that was before I knew you

Before I  sat next to you and saw the emptiness in your eyes

Before I heard the desperation in your voice and pleaded with God to let me inside your head

And then I saw your agony

I may have felt sorry for you

I may have cringed at the hopelessness you felt

I may have pleaded with you to try to see beyond your tough circomstances

But I could not judge

or hate

or condemn

Because your hurt was too deep and your need too clear to me

Do I believe that life is precious?

Beyond a shadow of a doubt

Do I believe that a loving Creator thoughtfully formed every part of every human being, born and pre-born?

A million times, yes

We are the crowning creation of a God who greatly desires to be an intimate part of every single one of our lives

God created life and he declared it good - very good

But I will never force you or coerce you

I am pro-you

I am pro-don't make a decision until you know every thing there is to know

I am pro-no regrets

Your baby? - well, I have no doubt that whatever happens, your baby will be okay

YOU, on the other hand need cared for

You need to know that you matter,

You need to look in my eyes and see my heart.

I do not just want to place a check mark next to a statement that I saved another baby

I want to save you from the deepest heart break your heart could ever know.

You can't push rewind.

I'm sorry; I wish you could too...

But you made a choice then,


You are here now

 You can do this

You are not alone... and if only for a minute you would hear me, I believe it would change the trajectory of your life completely

Hear me

I am not them

I am for you

I don't have an agenda

I don't have time for agendas

I do have time for you

I don't want your money

I am not making a political statement  

I am not trying to take choice from you

I just want you to choose carefully

Know what you are choosing

And no matter what that choice is

I'll be here


Kristin said...

Amen amen, a thousand times amen. The world needs a few more like you Wendi. Thank you for standing up for the broken. Thanks for loving when its hard.

Arlona said...

Thank you for being there for those who are hurting. When you are hurting for them and loving them and trying to understand them. God knows your heart. I am praying. Thank you that you are "there" for those who need you. God is love.

Nikki said...


Penny said...

Excellent. I used to be that person...the one who condemned and who judged and used religion to push those who had made that choice away. And I so regret it. I want to be loving. Do I hate if someone made that choice? Yes. But do I hate them? Of course not. How could I? How could I when I know how hard it is to love me -- even I have trouble loving myself sometimes. How could I condemn someone for something when I should be condemned a thousand times over?

Andrea said...

Wendi - this is so beautiful, your heart in this area is in an amazing place, knowing and living truth and pure love to these women, giving, informing and loving as Jesus would. May He deeply bless this work of yours and continue to love others in exactly this way through you! xo

Ashley said...

SO good! Your heart of love comes through so beautifully in these words.

BaronessBlack said...

Brilliant! I'm so encouraged by people like you who "DO" something, when it's so easy to just talk about situations we feel strongly about.

I work in a hospital, and through my interactions with people there's a quote that often comes to me,

They also serve
Who only stand and wait.
--John Milton in "On My Blindness"

I think there can be a sacred duty in serving and bearing witness, even when the situation and it's eventual resolution is out of your (my!) hands.

I don't know if I explained that very well, but I think you know what I mean! :-)

Cori B said...

tears.....AMEN! you put it so well! This is it.

BARBIE said...

What a beautiful heart. We are often so concerned with saving a life, we forget the life of the one who is really needing to be saved. The world needs more hearts like yours.

Christy said...

We adopted both our girls from young moms who were in this very situation. Oh how this just melted my heart. I have always wondered how we can be so quick to judge when there is another human involved beyond that sweet baby. A human being who has to make the hardest decision of her life and live every single day with it. Live with a hole that will not fully mend regardless. It's so amazing to love on a birth mom after all these years; our girls are 11 and 7. Life is hard but God is good!