Friday, March 30, 2012

 Friday morning brain dump

I don't ever want to forget Kai at age 2. Incidentally, he is never, as in maybe 10 times in his entire 2 1/2 years, been called Kai by us. I love the name Kai. I thought it would be super cute when I was pregnant with him! Then finding the name "Malachi" - which went so well with our other New Testament biblical boy names - and loving that it could be shortened to Kai, made perfect sense.

Except that we called him "Baby" for about a year and a half. And then Mali, Mals, and Mali J. Why does this happen? I don't even really like those nick names. I like Kai. Weird how things just come out of your mouth without really thinking about it.

Anyway, regardless of what he is called - he is cuteness overload. Numerous times each day I melt in his presence. He has such a serious look, paired with a little head cock and wrinkled brow, it is enough to soften the hardest heart and warm the coldest character. 

All of these sweet little "Kai-isms" ("Mali-isms?") need to be written down and treasured for always. On those days when he pronounces everything right and toddlerness is long gone, I am going to need the reminder of days gone by.

He says, "I no see it!!" when I point something out to the boys (Deer in the field, a tractor going down the road, a rainbow, etc) and he is straining to visually find the treasure too.

"My M!" is shouted out every time he sees an M. Any time. Anywhere. It's "his". When he gets his hand on any piece of paper, he makes "his M" and says "up down, up down" while drawing it.

"My roun' and roun' on?" -Asking me to turn on the fan in his bedroom. Gahhhh... the cuteness....

When he sits down to supper, he will look at me with that super cute, grown up looking concern in his eyes and say, "Lil' bit hot mom? Lil bit hot?"

 (Shorts and snow boots. I die)

I finally took the leap and donated my hair. I love it. It is super easy.
Facebook friends - sorry for the repetitive nature of my photos, but my mom isn't on facebook, and she cares about stuff like this. Not trying to plaster photos of myself all over the internet, narcissistic style. Actually, if we are facebook friends, than this entire post is a re-run. You can go be productive. ;)

Flipped under (this is what it wants to do naturally):

Flipped out (a touch of flipping via straightener)

The back is very short - and really requires no maintenance. So wonderful for my fast paced life!: 

I can't believe it is almost April! Wow,wow,wow. We had this weird summer thing goin' on at the end of winter, and then spring came, and now today we are venturing a bit into winter-ish weather once again. I live in Michigan therefore this is not an oddity at all. It's just a tiny bit annoying ("lil' bit 'noying mom? lil' bit 'noying") in terms of clutter around the house. Under my pantry/cupboard I have winter boots, tennis shoes, and flip-flops. On out coat hooks we have jackets and winter coats. The boys' drawers are overflowing with shorts, T's and sweatshirts and jeans. -Thus the shorts + snow boots, right??

Kind of feel like this may be what my weekend looks like. ;)


April almost being here means that my lil' Noe man will be going to kindergarten round up. *gulp*

Monday begins our spring break which means: sleeping in *cough*, snuggling and togetherness *cough*, and beautiful family moments *choke*.  Okay, so I do have a memory, and it really is telling me that by hour 3 of day 1 of spring break - the boys are at each other like mosquitoes on sweet smelling flesh. So we have a plan in place. We have talked about fighting, tattling, and complaining. Whew! SO glad we talked about it. Now all will be well.

Dave only has 4 more weeks of classes before he gets the degree he has been working on for the last 18 months. We.are.stoked. It's been a crazy year and a half. I am SO proud of this man. He has worked hard. He has done amazingly well. He completed his final project, kind of the pinnacle of his entire 18 months of courses, a couple of weeks ago. It was a 20-30 page business plan. It took weeks of studying, compiling, interviewing, reading, meetings, etc. We were all stressed out a bit when this was all coming together... but he did it, he got a perfect score, and 

Ya'll, I am getting an iMac!! I know, I know.... it was totally hard for me to justify this purchase. Really hard.  I kept thinking about people in third world countries with no clean water to drink. I really did. But we prayed about it and talked about it, and Dave and I both really feel like this will be a good tool in the jobs and ministries that we are involved in. I think that the investment will be a good one. I'm just like my mom though. Spending large amounts of money makes my stomach feel weird.

Well, off to pick up Mr. Noe from preschool. Next time I stop by here I will probably have an apple shaped twinkle in my eye...

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Nikki said...

Your new haircut is still the cutest thing ever (closely followed by the little fella in shorts and snow boots), and I love those springy pictures on the quilt...when will Washington warm up and not rain continually? When???

Congratulations to your whole family (but Dave especially) on graduating! That is SUCH an accomplishment!

Your comment on my last post made my jaw drop...I hadn't realized this was exactly the gestational age when JD and K were born. I breathed a sigh of relief in the back of my mind when I got to 24 weeks, since that's considered the "age of viability" outside the womb...but wow. They're still soooo tiny!