Thursday, March 15, 2012

 What can stand against?

Noe - he's my talker, and my thinker, and my sensitive heart.

He rarely stops speaking. It's usually when he is asleep, and only sometimes when he is eating (we are working on that one).

Alot of the time the talk is typical 5 year old silliness and play. But with him, with this little man in ownership of the wide eyes and endless words, I will quite often be floored by some of his matter-of-fact profundities (hmm... that really is a word. I typed it, laughed at myself, and then looked it up - as I was shocked not to see the ever familiar red squiggly line. Okay. Profundities. I like it).

There was the night we were in the van, on our way to awana, and he began to chatter. I sheepishly admit, that since it is going constantly, sometimes I tune it out. But a few words here and there began to tickle my ears, so I made sure to put my full attention on him.

"Sometimes on the Pink Panther cartoon there is a debil on one shoulder and an angel on the other.
Yeah. He has to listen to one and sometimes he doesn't know what to do.
Sometimes we skip the ones with the debil in 'em.
But we really don't need to be afraid of the debil. Right?
I mean sometimes he makes me get up at nap time when I am spose t'be restin', but God helps me go back up there."

*commence deep breath to be able to accommodate another string of phrases*

"What's that song we sing at church mom? The one that says...

 *commence sing-songy cute-as-ever off pitch voice*

"And if our God is with us

Than who could ever stop us?

And if our God is for us

What could stand against?

What could stand against?

That's true, huh mom?! So, like God is stronger. The debil can try to get us to do bad things, but won't win!"

Oh man...did I need that little voice to penetrate my mind/thoughts/heart.

God knows. He uses my kids in infinite ways to show me (over and over and over) truth.

This little exchange between Noe and I (well... Noe's exchange of words and my ears listening...*wink*), it was so timely.

See, some of the things I have been eluding too lately pertain to God's call to obedience in Dave and I's life. For the past several months we have felt his leading towards ministry, but we weren't 100% sure what that really looked like. We are involved in several ministries. We have been seeking him, and even wrestling with him in some ways. It's becoming pretty clear that this calling is to full time ministry. Some big changes are going to be taking place in our lives. Although details are many and somewhat unclear, we are camped on this right now: we desire more than anything else to be within the will of God. We have learned that when he says "go" we go.

Here's the deal, along with these decisions and significant life changes, comes attack. You know, from the debil. 

Noe's reminder to me, that God is stronger and the debil won't win, was so right on and timely -as we seem to have painted some what of a target on our backs.

Boy do I love these little messengers of truth in my life. :) What a lucky lady I am.

Cool little God-fact that I must insert here. Literally 2 minutes after Noe sang that song, it came on the radio. I looked in my rear view mirror at him and his eyes were HUGE. It was pretty cool.


Nikki said...

Ohhhhhh how precious! Sounds like an exciting (and potentially scary) time for your family. I'll be praying for clarity...and that you recognize when it's the debil trying to get you to believe lies!

Andrea said...

How amazing to hear truths learned (even from cartoons!) come forth as an encouragement and timely message, from the sweetest of messengers. May God grant you, Dave and your boys wisdom, protection and loving guidance as you consider these exciting changes, and bless your willing and open hearts!

Fairlightday said...

So awesome. Noe sounds like Sadie-Rose, but maybe it's just the 4-5 year old age. So thankful that God would use your little man to speak right to your heart. And God bless you and Dave on this journey of ministry seeking. I know that y'all will do amazing work for Him. <3

Cindy said...

Hi Wendi, I haven't been by in a very long time, but I'm thankful I stopped tonight. I LOVE to hear how God is calling His children to His service and I will be praying as He brings all the details into His Glorious Picture!! Blessings!

Christy said...

I stumbled on your blog from Leslies blog I think? I LOVE it! Your sweet kiddos and sweet writing blessed me!
Gonna add you to my blog list. Be blessed this weekend!