Tuesday, February 14, 2012


Our glue...

Is laughter,

and learning not to take life too seriously,

and putting self away,

over and over and over,

and choosing,

and holding hands,

and remembering to put first things first,

accepting the things we can not change,

fighting for all that is good, and right, and pure,

loving our boys with a big strong love, but not before each other. Never before each other. 

Our glue is Jesus,

and (only and always in and through Him) it is


and learning to love when it isn't fun.

It's embracing the times that are fun, and living in those moments fully.

What holds us together is taking our expectations,

opening our hands,

letting those expectations go,

and watching them reshape,


and conform to our life. This gift we have been given, which sometimes looks really different than we thought it would.

We are here,

living this life,

living in this moment,

 in this period of history.

We greatly desire to leave a legacy of faithfulness that exceeds average and laughs in the face of statistics {85-90% divorce rate for parents raising a special needs child. 70-90% divorce rate for parents who have lost a baby}.

Yep. Our glue is a for life kind of epoxy. 


I love him. 

And it is an evolving, learning, trying kind of a love.

It is so far from perfect,

but so much closer to real then it was when we started this journey together.


Andrea said...

So beautiful Wendi! May God continue to richly bless and grow your marriage :)

Nikki said...

This brings tears to my eyes. Your last line--"It is so far from perfect, but so much closer to real than it was when we started this journey"--is so true for everyone who takes up their cross and follows Jesus into the covenant of marriage. And *real* is always so much better, so much harder, than the perfect we thought we wanted. Once again, you put to words perfectly what I may feel, or know in my heart, but can't quite get to paper!

Melody said...

Beautiful post! I love the picture of your boys racing around you...such a true picture of this season in life : )

Candy said...

Amazing post!! Your such an insperation.