Monday, February 13, 2012


Breakfast in bed, of the best kind (that man of mine? He.can.cook),

millions of kisses,

homemade cards,

and "HAPPY BIRTHDAY MOMMY"  choruses.

Is there a better way to begin a new year?

In some ways "31" feels strange to be owning, but it's not exactly a bad strange.

There were alot of real life moments mixed in with indulgent life moments on Saturday. Honestly - it was just right that way.

Life is constant at this time,

and it is good, and all that was highlighted on my birthday.

Dave continually grabbed my camera and decided that he would document my day.

"Seriously? Sans make up and coffee?"

But in true {wonderful} SuperDave form, the coffee was ready and waiting.

For real, he was amazing -kind of this force of wonderful as we celebrated the day of my birth and life and all that is good right here and now.

Oh, and facebook on birthdays? Even the grinchest of grinches would have to crack a smile over that. Really. I stopped counting somewhere after the 60th birthday message on my timeline.

Man, do I love the little fingers that leave all those prints on my laptop lid. *wink*

I went thrifting in the morning, and even though I failed to see the outside temp was 5 degrees, and I wore a simple trench coat out in that (!), it was thrilling to find a couple of treasures for a couple of quarters. (Score!)

{Spoiled, spoiled, spoiled}

Some dear friends of ours gave me a generous gift card to a nice restaurant, that I have never been to before.

The food was amazing. Crazy good.

Right now my mouth is watering just remembering it.

The guy who accompanied me was even more amazing.

Just the two of us, remembering that in the midst of jobs and school, and school, and homework, and school, and kids, and diapers, and doctor appointments, and decisions, and responsibilities,  -that we are we and we like each other an awful lot.

Is it totally weird that I love taking pictures of food? Because if it is, than I don't think I want to be normal. I mean, maybe that ship has sailed anyway, but I do love me some food pictures. 

That photo above - that is tiramisu. Don't tell my mother in law that we devoured that before coming home and eating the chocolate cake that she made me (adorned with 31 candles and everything). Except that she is an avid blog reader, so that cat my be out of the bag. *wink* 

"Oh look! Chocolate cake. Now we can have dessert!"

Do you think K is happy to see me and adores me to the moon and back, or that can hardly contain himself over chocolate cake? 

Spoiled by lovingly made cards, and {my love language} words, words, words. 

I ate it up like tiramisu and chocolate cake. 

Jay's sweet card still brings a smile to my face.  - Yeah, that Jay. The one who pushes my buttons, holds my heart, and shows me how human I am. :)

It said (in his very own handwriting, where you have to look close because he doesn't really leave spaces between his words yet - making it just all the better

"I love you so much mom. All the time. Even when it doesn't seem like it".

Melt me into a puddle.

My Mother in law also gifted me with a really cool paper and fabric cutter/embosser tool, which I still haven't had a moment to play with. It promises many fun creative hours to come!

Surprise goodies arrived in the mail, and my baby boy vacuumed....

See? Totally spoiled. And really loved. Beyond what I deserve. I recognize it and am entirely thankful.


Penny said...

Awww!! Happy late birthday! So glad your family made it wonderful! =)

Mama Belle said...

Yes. You're definitely spoiled, but it feels so good. And, you deserve it!

What a great birthday! And, just think ... Valentine's Day is tomorrow. More goodies!!

Sara@iSass said...

Yep it's those words from the kiddos that get me, their thoughtfulness!
And the spoiling never hurts...;0)

Cottage Mommy said...

Happy Birthday friend! So glad you had a lovely, spoiled day!

Arlona said...

Yep, I read this blog. So happy to be a part of your life! It's fun!

Nikki said...

So glad you had SUCH a lovely birthday!!