Thursday, February 16, 2012

 Snapshots of a {♥} day

I used to stress about my role as a wife and mom- as in, thinking that I had to have it all, do it all, and put a cherry on top. I would read Proverbs 31 and immediately begin to sweat.

Images of some unrealistic composite of Martha Stewart, Mother Theresa, and a compilation of personal friends, who I admire and/or am jealous of would dance in my head and taunt me of all that I am not.

And then, through a series of small, large, and freeing events, I began to truly see that God made me unique.



 I am not Theresa, or Martha, or super organized, remembers snack day more than 2 hours before preschool lady. I'm not.

I re-read Proverbs 31, and several other Scriptures, and can honestly say that a new excitement and joy bubbled up inside of me.

I didn't feel condemnation, and exhaustion, and this "I'll never measure up" heaviness.

No, instead - I took away this message.

"Your job is to love. Love big and completely and without limits. Be warmth in your home. Use your gifts. Watch out for laziness, but don't push yourself for things you weren't designed for. 

Add color to your family's lives! Splash it all over. Surprise them. Be there for them. 

Be there.

Maybe the pots and pans all fall out of the cupboard when you open it. It's okay right now. There will be time to work on that some day. Right now? - Bang on the pots and pans with a wooden spoon when they fall out.

Giggle about pots and pans.

Put God's word all over your house. Paint it, speak it, proclaim it, live it. 

You will never, never, have victory over the dirt while your kids are young. It's okay. Keep it as tidy as you can, make it presentable - and then giggle at the dirt.

Draw smiley faces in the dust. 

Bring the light, bring the love, bring the color, bring the warmth. Let them remember you for this. It will be worth it. Every second."

And so, here I am - living that balance of being orderly and planning well, while not stressing and obsessing {trying, trying, trying...}. 

I am learning more and more how prominent my attitude and presence is in our home.

 I set the tone: I'm stressed: they're grumpy. 

I'm upset: they're nervous.

I'm living in freedom and Joy?? They are relaxed, open, loving. 

So here are a few snapshots of this sweet, colorful, life on our Valentines day.



Andrea said...

Awesome message - so true! :)

Rachel said...

Such a great post Wendi. I will be back to read this again soon...I haven't quite "got it" yet - still living in the "stressed out about all that I am not" phase, but hearing God speaking this message to me a lot lately. Thanks for sharing your heart!

Wendi@EveryDayMiracles said...

Dear Rachel - Just let me clarify - I SO HAVE NOT "GOT" IT EITHER. - I am just well on my way, more than I was yesterday. :) Love the freedom God is inviting me to!! And I love you. :0

Megan said...

You may not think you "GOT IT" Wendi, but YOU my dear friend, DO HAVE IT! I gather MY inspiration from you, your family, your testimony, and your raw honesty that LIFE IS NOT, WAS NOT, AND WILL NOT EVER BE PERFECT.

On days where I feel that, hmm how did you describe it in a previous post, "ugly lung burning," I come to this little place you call home, and your words are humbling. You help me be a better mother.

So, THANK YOU. And Happy {late} Valentines Day. I heart you. ;)

Nikki said...

I love this...I'm going to print out this post so I will actually REMEMBER the truth here and maybe, just maybe, stop clinging to control and perfect and Martha Stewart wannabe-ism!

Anonymous said...
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Mrs. Pedersen said...

Loved this! Sweet pictures. :)

Kevin said...

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