Friday, November 4, 2011

 30 Days of Thankfulness; Day 4 {Thankful for daddy/son bonding and completing things I start}

Today: I am thankful for a day off from school for my Jay and K.

For turning off our alarms and sleeping in a bit {Oh glorious...}.

For happy boy giggles on the way to preschool.

For a brilliant sun rise that made my heart swell.

Today: I am grateful for Dave's flexible work schedule.

For an impromptu "take your son to work" day for Jay... and the grin I will never forget when I dropped him off with Daddy.

For a shopping list emailed off, and a husband willing to do the "big shopping" with two littles {wow...}.

I am thankful for time with K and Kai.

For our "toast, movies, and candy party" .

Today: I am grateful for planning, and scheming, and dreaming. I've been doing lots of it.

I am also glad to be a part of something bigger than myself. A plan for my life that is unfolding in a surprising, hard, incredibly rewarding, and stretching way.

I am so thankful for God's power helping me to follow through with things I planned/committed to do this year.  I struggle greatly with discipline. I struggle with follow through. I give up on stuff. I procrastinate.

I have made this a matter of prayer, And guess what??! It has really helped {*gasp*}.

Two things in particular that come to my mind are the reading through the Bible plan that I started on January first this year and the photo a day project I really wanted to do. Both things are on track. That's big for me.

The pictures are obviously not as big of a deal as the Bible reading, but both were things that I wanted to start, continue, and not get discouraged if I fell behind on. I have missed some days. Several actually. But I have learned to either start where I left off, or jump in to get caught up. Like I said: big.

{Don't forget to thank Him for your blessing today!}

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Amanda said...

wendi are beautiful...i haven't commented in so long...this 30 days of thankfulness has been so, so, so good for my procrastinating, undisciplined, chaotic heart. love you, love the encouragement your posts ALWAYS are to me. wish we could have some tea or coffee and chat and pray and encourage.