Sunday, November 6, 2011

 30 Days of Thankfulness; Days 5 and 6 {Thankful for the weekend!}

Weekends are just lovely. Most of the time they mean more relaxing.

More Dave time.

Less rushing from place to place.

Sleeping in is kind of rare at any point in our lives right now, but some times - some few and far between beautiful times, weekends can mean that too.

I'm thankful for this weekend, which is now coming to a close.

Thankful for: Clean floors.

Boys willing {eager even!} to push a vacuum and scrub with a mop. Does it mean things got done in a timely manner? - You bet your leftover Halloween candy that is not the case. 

But my floors are clean. ;)

Thankful for: Clean laundry.

Neat stacks of more clothes than one family would ever need, on the back of my love seat.

The feel of Dave's crisp, clean work shirts right out of the dryer. I smile when I put those blue colors around a hanger in our closet. I am thankful that he is employed. That's not a small thing right here, right now. No small thing at all.

I am thankful for his willing heart when it comes to work. He provides for us so lovingly.

Thankful for: People who trust me to capture images of their families in photographs. I count it a privilege. The two photo shoots I did this weekend produced sweet and beautiful images. I pray for the families as I edit each photo. -A privilege. I am thankful.

Thankful for: My church family. They really are just that; my family.  Not every one has that sense of community where they worship. I am thankful that I get to learn with, worship along side of, and be challenged  by many amazing people.

Thankful for: The extra hour {this may be one of the first times that I actually took advantage of it, instead of thinking "Oh, we have an extra hour, I'll just stay up later and all will be great!" - only to face exhaustion instead of the extra rest I could've gotten}.

Thankful for: The new week about to start.

Lunches are made, waiting in backpacks for the morning rush.

Coffee is ground, and coffee maker is on a timer to be piping hot and ready in the early am.

Babysitter is lined up for my afternoon of volunteering at the Center for Women and my evening of camera club {very excited to learn more about my external camera flash from a professional!}. I'm sure there will be many thankfuls to add tomorrow.

-And can I just say that this daily thankful list practice has been very good for my soul? Yes it has.

{Count your blessings}


Kristin said...

I am so thankful for so many of those things.

And learning about your external flash...TEACH ME EVERYTHING YOU LEARN!

Penny said...

Ditto on a lot of those.. including clean floors and your family -- church family, too. =)

And wonderfully calm weekends...