Tuesday, August 23, 2011

 The Kai and the coffee

If you peak in on my photo a day blog, then you know that our weekend was... kind of hard.

Maybe some day I will expound on it. Maybe not. The short story is that we had our first non-preemie-related-child-ER-visit. Jay got hurt while helping Dave unload wood from his dump trailer. He's fine. We're fine. But emotionally, we went through some tough stuff. There was a point when the "what could have happened" train of thought was inevitable... and it took much discipline to purpose that we were not going to go there.

Ya'll know about me and fear?... Well, this latest incident tugged at those insecurities and lack of faith quite solidly. I think, in the long run, it is going to help me to face the fear though and continue to work through it in a positive way.

So, while I am processing all of this I am just going to go with some cute Kai pictures on the blog today.

Somehow Kai has learned that coffee is kind of sacred here.

No clue how he picked up on that...

...but any way, when I go to grind the coffee he stands beside me, patiently waiting for the jar of fresh coffee. I hand it down to him, he so very carefully guards that jar with both hands and slowly walks into the kitchen with it. Then he hands it up to me with a chubby, but oh-so-steady hand, so that I can put it into the coffee maker. It's our little ritual - and so, so cute to watch his earnestness!

The other morning I noticed that right when I got Kai up for his day, he went directly into the dining room. I didn't think much of it - he had a smile on his face and was quiet for a few minutes. Us moms know that when our almost 2 year old has a smile and is quiet, we simply breathe a prayer of thanks and let it be.

The next day though, I did take note, because, as if on a mission, he did the exact same thing.

Big smile.

Direct route to the dining room.

Sweet quiet while he did... whatever it was he was doing.

Eventually moms of almost 2 year olds realize that it is very wise to investigate sweet quiet...

Yes, yes indeed, he's drinking his morning coffee.

So, our coffee grinding routine takes place each evening. We get it all ready for Dave's 4:15 wake up time. We set the timer, and this black, life giving liquid begins to pour forth right around 4:10 am. ;) Dave fills his travel mug, to be consumed throughout his morning. But he also puts some in a smaller mug for what he calls his "bolus". It's like a jump start to get him going at such an early hour. :)

Dave usually doesn't drink the entire mug full, since his travel mug is ready and waiting. He was leaving his mug on my computer desk... and little one started to take notice. So began Kai's morning routine and he would "jump start" his day.

What gets me is that Dave doesn't make his coffee super sweet or anything. Kai was acquiring a taste for pretty dark coffee! Now, before you report me for child-addiction-endangerment, let me say that this only went on for about 3 mornings. And yes, I grabbed my camera on morning #3, before I grabbed the coffee cup out of his hand, but wouldn't you have done the same thing?!

Totally cracks me up that he put the thought into dragging his little chair over so that he could reach and everything.

Look at that face!

Oh man, is he ever cute. :) Even when he is getting into stuff that he isn't supposed to.

And for the record, Dave puts his mug in the sink when he is done with it now.

Sorry baby, we're cuttin' you off... cold turkey.


Anne Elizabeth said...

Oh my word those pictures are too cute! What a little stinker:) Totally something Eli would do too, and my kids like their coffee the same way;)

LuAnn said...

My son started the samething at that age. Will be 18 in a few weeks and still loves his black flavored coffee. Hazelnut is his favorite. Drinks it just like is mama.

Katarina said...

Super sweetness! This totally made me laugh.
And I am thankful that Jay is alright and that you guys are alright. Praying for God to work and move in your heart through this as you process. *hugs*

Lindsay said...

LOVE the photos ... and Jay ... welcome to the club that Mason is president of :)
Sending you encouragement and rest friend ~

Cindy said...

Too Cute!! Our kids learn what they watch:) Sorry about the ER trip...praying you are all well!!

nault's nook said...

so so stinkin cute :) Dont interupt a man (or a little one) having his morning cup o joe! Ha!

Nikki said...

That is SO cute!! And Kai--oh my, what a heartbreaker he is/will be! We have a similar story with my youngest brother. He was about Kai's age when we realized that he was climbing up on dining room chairs to get to coffee mugs left on the table and finishing them off. It was the funniest thing to see: these two huge eyes barely peeking over the rim of a coffee mug as he guzzled it down. My parents drank it black, too! Now he's almost 17 and doesn't drink coffee at all. Maybe that was his inoculation. :-)

BaronessBlack said...

What a cutie!
Okay, I have a question - you've blogged about how both you and Dave manage to get up around 4am, right? So, what time do you (as a household) go to bed? How do you guys get enough sleep? I love your idea of getting up early to pray or read scripture, but I find myself still doing laundry at midnight sometimes! I can't work out how you do it!