Monday, August 29, 2011

 When they remember

When my boys no longer need me to tie their shoes,

and cut up their meat,

When they no longer ask why the sky is blue,

or beg every day to swim,

When their world stops revolving around cookies {wait, does the world ever stop revolving around cookies??},

and caterpillars,

and swinging,

When more reality enters their world and childhood ways begin to recede -

I hope {really hope} that they will look back on this time - on their little boy years - and they will smile and they will know that they were very loved.

I hope that they will see the time we spent - even when there wasn't necessarily alot of money spent.

Dave and I smile when we think about the memories we are making with them.

-To think that at least the oldest three are at an age where they will remember alot about their now. Alot about these moments, days, years.

We had kind of a summer's-last-hurrah camping trip last Thursday afternoon through early Sunday morning {We pulled into our home sweet home around 12:45am Sun. morning. Living on the edge for this old couple!}.

There was dirt and mud and overly tired moments.

There were mosquitoes and fish that didn't bite.

There were a few melt downs

But there was also alot of laughing.

There were training wheels put to work and ice cream bars at bedtime,

Games played by the whole family and so much cheating we couldn't help but laugh. 

These little boys had energy that s h o c k e d this mama!

We swam in the most beautiful lake in the my world.

And it just happened to be a perfect beach day.

Watching them was like joy personified in four little bodies.

And I think they will remember.

This was definitely a vacation on a budget. 

You better believe if there are free things to be enjoyed, Dave and I will find them. ;)

And I don't think they cared one bit.

We are so blessed, in so many ways that can not be quantified.

They are blessed, and I hope they get a good grasp on that at a young age.

I think they are starting to get it.

We found so many treasures this past weekend.

Most could not be held in our hands.

Sometimes treasures can be subtle, small, hard to notice. But when you look back they can almost take your breath away.

So, this was our weekend, and I am so thankful for it's goodness.

Now we are switching gears to back packs and phone calls and meetings and all that fall begins and entails.

Memories are a wonderful thing to savor.

Have I mentioned lately how much I have been surprised by loving being a boy mom (worms and all)?! ;)

God is good.


Rachel said...

This post made me smile so big :) And seriously made me want to go camping - crazy! I love all the beautiful pictures :)

Anne Elizabeth said...

I loved all these pictures and that lake is GORGEOUS! Looks like such a fabulous time. :)

Jodie | Velour said...

sweetness. i love boys. i love that i get to have 2 of them. great photos, as always. i love your angles and perspective. your pictures are fun to look at, and your boys are tiny perfection. :) so glad you had such a precious weekend, and that you were able to see it. that's the real gift, isn't it? i mean, we have moments all the time, we just can't always see them.

Katarina said...

those are some great memories.
love that you can see them, in the midst of them happening and are treasuring the fact that you want your boys to find all the *goodness* that goes with them.

Penny said...

It looks like that was a great vacation! And you captured such beautiful memories on your camera. =)

Nikki said...


Just out of curiosity...I've never been to the midwest and honestly, the thought of being so far from the ocean frightens me a little....where did you camp? It's so idyllic!

Even in the relatively short time I've been reading your blog, your boys are growing up so fast!