Thursday, April 21, 2011


I've been thinking lately what an odd combination of all things eclectic I am. Random some may say *wink*.

I like organization

My basement looks like a train wreck with a tornado on the side

My nose and ears are pierced

I'm not what one could really describe as an adventurer and am not a huge fan of pain

I dabble in alot of different creative outlets

I don't necessarily stand out in any one thing

I never went to college

I'm all about life long learning

I love a vintagey look to fashion

I wear alot of modern styles

I work at a crisis pregnancy center and am completely life-begins-at-conception-pro-life

I nearly get physically ill when I hear about so-called pro life enthusiasts who use aggressive tactics to get their point across

I like digging in the dirt, experiencing nature, being barefoot, a feeling of old fashioned goodness and fun

I adore wearing heels and learning new things in the world of technology

I am a planner; a list maker

I am highly creative and can appreciate spontaneity

Fortunately my husband had a pretty good idea when he married me that day in and day out he would have to wait and see what facet of his wife's personality he would be subject to.

Ahhhh - now HE is the adventurous one, no?!

I was far more traditional when we were married 10 years ago then I am now. Far more.

I think though that the traditional, conservative, cautious woman that Dave married in 2001 was that way because she thought she had to be. It was just expected. Right? Some of those qualities are hard wired into the heart beat of who God created me to be. Some have fallen by the wayside in a freeing resolve.

At the core of who I am I foster a grounded belief that I am a redeemed individual. That God has a high calling on my life to be his love in a very tangible form. I believe that He is the Son of God and that there will be a magnificent day when he makes all things right again. I live for that day. I have a deep desire to strengthen my boldness and tell any one who will listen that they too have been made free from self, and sin, and death.

Those are the significant things. Those are the unchangeables.

Speaking of my Daivd {and all that he puts up with...}, he is a rock star. His non-perfect work-in-progress self is an amazing counterpart to the inadequate, flawed  human flesh that is me. Tuesday was a l o n g day here. It was a tangled, conglomeration of sleep deprivation, sickness, decisions, running around, and desperation. Let me just pause and say all is well now. It was really just a very hard 24 hours. Fortunately things turned around quite quickly! But where was I? Oh - the man. The rock star. Yes, he senses when I am running on empty and bordering on frantic. Either that or the 10,000 times I call him at work tips him off to that fact. One of those.

So, he got home Tuesday afternoon and ran my bath for me. I had so much that still needed to be done, but I never would have slowed down if he didn't make me. He knew that. He knew that if he hadn't started the bath, poured the glass of wine, and blocked the path to anywhere but our room, I would work myself into a frenzy. Frenzied Wendi is apparently not that fun to be around. Apparently. Who knew?

I'm so lucky. He's truly gifted and tender and wonderful. Perhaps I am biased, but I believe I am one of many who would whole heartedly agree.

Speaking of Easter baskets {I was in my head. Sorry if I lost you} I got one from my secret sister in the mom's group I lead at church. I was giddy. Like a 9 year old. Because I think I was 9 the last time I got an Easter basket all for me. Silly, I know, but so fun to dig through the course green strips of plastic grass and discover.

This was in there.

And so was this:

Hello. Yes please.

Today I wore a soft white tunic with smocking on the top paired with leggings and {the} brown boots. I really liked it. I've had this conversation with friends often, "Hey - how long do you think I will get away with wearing clothes from the juniors section?" Most of them know this is just me. The fit is better and the style is who I am. So they are gracious and say "as long as you want to my eclectic friend". But really? I'm 30. When do Clinton and Stacy run at you and tell you that you need to pick out more mature outfits?? I've tried shopping in the "misses" section, really I have. I can't do it. Just stop me if someday my boys are complaining that their mom is totally embarrassing them. Then I will consider trading in my leggings for elastic waist slacks and my shrugs for sweatshirts with cardinals on them. {I can't, I can't, I can't!!}.

Our photography website is almost up and running! It makes everything feel a little bit more "real". Like this is really happening. It's hard to explain what it means to me. Exploring a dream is always awe inspiring to me. We are getting a great response and I think we will be busy this spring and summer!

I need to go start  the crust for tonight's pizza. With my multifarious personality who knows what kinds of toppings we will throw on it...


Amanda said...

sweet wendi...i love you. i do. and i know you didn't write this post for me alone...but it speaks to me...and probably not in the way you thought it would. this post is alive...with you...with life...with love...with abundance...and honestly, i just feel so empty right now (ironic since my life is pretty darn full, huh!?)...i know, it is a phase...a hard phase of juggling, diaper changing, hard, hard marriage times and communication, disciplining, and on and on (and yes, i know you are still there my friend!)...which is what gives me hope...because i know this phase is NOT forever...just around the corner, in the blink of an eye, there will be a new phase.

Trisha said...

Eclectic?Multifarous?Conglomeration?How many big words are you going to come up with?! I needed a dictionary for this one =). God has blessed you with an amazing vocabulary!I love your creativity with pictures and words.

une autre mère said...

Ha! Wendi, you crack. me. up! Love that you still shop the juniors - ME TOO! We should totally go shopping together someday! :) And sign some sort of contract to never EVER wear sweatshirts with cardinals... unless, of course, it's to an ugly sweater party. ;)

Nikki said...

Oh, Wendi, this post cracks me up!! I can only imagine how much fun it would be to hang out with you in person, given what a gracious + entertaining + Jesus-filled place your blog is.
Please, please, please, don't EVER get a sweatshirt with any kinds of birds on it! And that's all I have to say about that.

The Brandt Family said...

How does the secret sisters thing work in your moms group?
Sounds like something I would be interested in implementing in ours!