Saturday, April 23, 2011

 Easter in my heart

We're here and we are being a family and the minutes are full.

We have extra-special-Dave-breakfast on the weekends. Especially on long weekends like this one. He pampers us.

It's sun-shiny out so he is out. I love the springtime Dave with a little extra special, heart flip flopping love. Because he suddenly looks like a little boy {quite alot like a few little boys I am pretty close to}. He absolutely adores being out in the yard engaged in a bunch of different projects. -And we do have plenty to keep that little boy busy for just as long as he fancies.

I look at the grass that is turning more and more green each day {thankfulness} and it screams of redemption, beauty, all things becoming new and thriving and right again.

And that is where I am at. No big theological moments of clarity ready to pour out on the blog on this the most sacred and wonderful of holidays. No eloquence, weaving scripture and new discoveries. It's there; the Scripture pieces speaking to me, the light bulb moments. But mostly this year, this day, this Easter weekend - it's in the subtle every day.

We built things with blocks this morning. They wanted to me ohhh and ahhh over their creations. They wanted me to take pictures. They wanted to know they were good and admired and treasured. 

And these moments are when I hear it: "You are good {only because I have made you good} and you are treasured, and you are redeemed. Why would I have traded my life for every bad thing you ever thought/planned/carried out if I didn't love you infinitely?"

See, it's quiet, but it's powerful and it is a part of the seconds that tick through my day.

Doing laundry.

Washing clean...

Kissing boo-boos.

Making it all better...

Looking forward to egg decorating and hunts filled with discovery.

Look forward with great anticipation... discover me...

Going to a wedding shower.

You are the bride of Christ. Don't ever lose that glow...

Drawing me closer.

My heart feels dancy and light.

Being a part of this plan of redemption feels really big and wonderful.

As we participate in church services and reflect on the importance of the cross this weekend I feel wooed by the One we are celebrating. Like He is inviting me to see the bigger picture and cooperate with him in something really worth while.


Tay said...

I love this: "My heart feels dancy and light." Such a beautiful phrase. Thank you for reminding me of the beauty of Easter.

The Sneaky Mommy said...

Perfectly written! Happy Easter!!!

Nikki said...

You know that I love your way with words, but "My heart feels dancy and light" is a whole new level of wonderful! What a beautiful description--don't we all want to feel dancy?