Wednesday, December 22, 2010

 What will forever be my favorite pre- Christmas gift...

He is a gift in so many ways.

Four years ago this morning, at 12:22 am, on 12-22-06 (I will always think that is pretty epic), Noe was born.

Peacefully, gently, sweetly.

That whole experience was such a gift.

My first experience with labor and delivery, when giving birth to JD and K, was defined by sharp fear.

The second time around, with Jay, it was surrounded by pain, panic, and discouragement.

Finally... this. Noe's birth will forever be colored in memories of relaxation and joy for me.

Remembering that day today.

Remembering the elation.

Thanking God deeply for the significant elements that this precious four year old (*gasp*) brings daily to our family!

I love him so much it hurts.

Those little feet are just killin' me! I remember that moment vividly. Four years??

Love you sweetness!! Happy Birthday! I am so glad it is finally today, because I know you have been waiting, and waiting, and waiting, for a l o n g time! ;)


Anne Elizabeth said...

Happy Birthday Noe! I hope you have a fabulous day.

Wendi- Very cool that he was born 12/22 at 12:22. My daughter was born 05/05/05 and I always it was the neatest thing. Yay for four! We both know how tough 3 was. ;-)

Cottage Mommy said...

Happy Birthday to him! How special to have a birthday right before Christmas! Does he like it? I daughter is two months away from four and it seems so old! Three was still little and four is getting too big too fast! Have a great birthday Noe!

sara said...

Happy birthday to your boy!!!

Megan said...

Happy Birthday Noe!! :)

You and your brothers have brought so much joy and healing to your mommy than you will ever know. <3

One of her "blessed" rainbow babies!

Katarina said...

Happy Birthday! I hope his day is filled with fun!

Mama Belle said...

Aw ... Happy Birthday Noe!

The Sneaky Mommy said...

Happy Birthday sweet boy! I love the cute little pictures! Hope your day was filled with many celebrations--especially at 12:22!

BARBIE said...

Happy Birthday Noe!

Lisa said...

I never leave here without a tear in my eye( at least) and a lump in my throat. You have such a gift! Thanks for sharing.

Happy birthday to your babies!