Wednesday, December 15, 2010


~Fourteen months~

He is everywhere at once.

He is on the stairs and climbing on the kitchen table

He is cuteness and cheeky grins

He is spilling cups that I was sure were way out of his reach

He is giggles that sound like music

He is little and spry and quick. Really "where-did-he-go-I-just-saw-him-right-here-one-second-ago" quick.

He is strangers taking a second look because of those big exspressive eyes

He is grunts, pointing,- and very few words

He is dancing to Christmas music - with jerky knee bending moves that make us laugh

He is games of peek-a-boo and cuddling with his favorite blankie from Aunt Amy

He is a thinker - always contemplating

He is in awe of "the big boys"

He is filling my days with work - cleaning the chaos he leaves behind

He is filling my heart with a joy that is uniquely him.

My Kai

At fourteen months.


Katarina said...

Such a sweetheart! 14 months already wow!

Sara said...

Adorable. I miss this...sigh.

Jodie | Velour said...

He's just gorgeous, and his description reminds me of my youngest one. Such a mess, and such a joy. Makes me love Kai; although I don't know him, I feel like I do.

Jackie@Our Moments, Our Memories said...

I have tears in my eyes as I read this - thinking that this will my Leah in a year, and oh my, the time is already going too fast. This picture is amazing (the lighting is awesome, are you using your new flash???). And it's also a little like having YOU looking up in this pic - I'm thinking this boy is a little mini Wendi. :)

Rach@In His Hands said...

I gasped when I saw this photo! Those eyes. That face. What a precious boy you have, friend.
Happy 14 months Kai!

Megan said...

You forgot one thing...

(It usually makes up for the mischief!! This I know!)

The Sneaky Mommy said...

He is pure sugar! What a sweetie!

Nikki said...

You're right, those eyes....! They melt me!

Penny said...

All of your children are so beautiful!!!!

Jenn said...

They grow and change so quickly don't they! What a beautiful little boy...your photograph of him is wonderful!