Friday, July 18, 2008

 Feel Good Friday - so many reasons!

It's Feel Good Friday again! Yay! :) Thinking positive thoughts... Today Elizabeth @ Mommy ETC has posted a theme for Feel Good Friday. Of course I just had to participate today, because the theme is song lyrics. Just a small obsession of mine. :) In Elizabeth's words: "Post song lyrics that make you happy, that teach you more about yourself...about God, that make you cry, that make you feel special...that make you "feel good". Oh, and she said that we could post other stuff that makes us feel good too. :) So glad she gave me permission. :) I haven't posted in a few days and there's so much good going on right now. This song has touched me deeply since the first time I heard it. I'm very drawn to any song that talks of brokenness restored. Any song that speaks the truth of this untidy life and our wayward nature - but then brings in the relief of the wonderful reality that is God's never ending grasp on us and our steadfast hope in Him -quickly becomes a favorite.
Natalie Grant, I Will Not Be Moved
- Natalie Grant Lyrics Okay, So things have been a little bit crazy around here with Dave working 8 hours at his day job, only to come home and put in about 6 here on our life long project - our 80+ year old house. :) Let's not even get started on how many hours he's put in on the weekends. This guy knows how to work! He is doing an amazing job!
I knew this busy time would present some challenges. How does one commit to a project that is time sensitive (due to ripping a roof off and the possibility of rain...), have a full time job, do the family thing, participate in ministry, and - well, do life. :) I have been praying alot that God would help me to be supportive rather than needy and exhausted as Dave spends every waking hour fulfilling these things. It has definitely put more responsibility on me as far as the boys are concerned. I'm putting in 12 hour days myself. :) Some days the boys only get a glimpse here and there of daddy. At this point I do believe they are noticing the strain and pushing my buttons. They wouldn't do that though would they?? Those sweet little boys?! :) Oh, yes, they most assuredly would.
Here's the feel good part (Thought I was flipping the theme didn't you!) - God has given me the strength needed to do this. Moment by moment. :) I have discovered a new level of energy this week - energy I feel like I haven't had for a few months. That would be God stepping in.
Our project is coming along slowly but fantastically! Last weekend I saw this:
Check it out - my father in law is standing in what was kind of a part of my kind of closet. So then I was seeing things like this: And now I am seeing this: And on the other side, this: That beautiful dark grey color on the top of the newly built dormer - those are called shingles. :) The very crux of this project. Originally it was going to be the extent of this project. Why not knock out a wall here and tear down a roof there, rebuild it and make things better though?! Feeling good about it!

So that is what he has been accomplishing. I'm nearly bursting to show you what I got done. Unfortunately you just aren't going to be able to appreciate it the way I do. Pictures can not capture the amazing atmosphere of a clean house. Right now it is sweetly quiet, I still smell the subtle aromas of pine with a hint of lemon and orange - very fruity here. I'm seeing cupboards that have been scrubbed, appliances shined up, floors that are practically blinding me in there cleanliness. Okay, so perhaps I am a bit overzealous. It's just that I have settled for less than this for quite a while. Things have been crazy busy and trying to get such things done while tending to my children has been a challenge I have not met very frequently.

So how did I accomplish all of the above tasks this time? Well, yesterday K had his annual neurosurgeon appointment. It was very routine and went well. Dave was so kind to offer to take him (Really big deal under the circumstances!) and he also offered to take Jay. *Pausing for this to make an impact* He took a 5 year old who isn't walking securely yet, and a very active, newly potty trained 3 year old who would miss his nap. All in the time he could've been on his roof . Yes, Dave really is that amazing! :)

Noe decided to nap for 2 1/2 of the 3 hours that they were gone. At first I heard the quiet and I stood in the middle of my house stunned - had no clue what to do with myself. :) I talked on the phone for a while (and I could hear!), then turned into a crazy woman. I swept and scrubbed, threw stuff, mopped, shined - it would've been a wild sight to behold. :) The satisfaction is unbelievable. :)

Did that not just blind you? I almost need sunglasses to stand in my own kitchen. :) Some other accomplishments: I even climbed up on a chair and dusted all of those super hard to dust mementos - -And shined up glass that was positively covered with chubby little hand prints. :) Yes, I was almost tempted to just leave them - what's cuter than little hand prints? I give 'em a few hours though and the adorable evidence of little people in my house will be back!! :) Perhaps it has been futile to try to share my exuberance because you all didn't know how it looked before. Use your imaginations friends! They are 5, 3, and 18 months... Think about scraping dried yogurt off the floor under the table, picking up so many books you'd think you had been transported to a library, tripping over toys every where you stepped, and dust from the roof project covering pretty much every thing. :) Yep, I'm feeling good. :) Oh, and one more little thing that is feelin' good - my creative side is being fed. :) I even had some time for a little bit of scrap booking! Loving it! The best part of all of this for me is this: with all that I accomplished yesterday I will be able to relax and enjoy these guys to a much fuller extend today. That really makes me feel good!


Heather said...

I am very impressed with all that you accomplished in such a short amount of time. It's funny how much faster we seem to get things done with our children aren't around.

Sarah M. said...

I am glad you posted pictures of the both projects! I was curious what had been accomplished and I need visuals!
Am I right to assume you had tunes cranked while you were whirlwind cleaning?

Sarah@Life in the Parsonage said...

WOO HOO for progress!!!!

Looks great!

Angie said...

Your home looks beautiful! I say this as I'm brushing dirt off Rachel and Owen's bare feet from my own kitchen floor. *Sigh* Maybe I can clean next week. :) Off to my parents until tomorrow night!

Anne Elizabeth said...

I love that song! Every time I listen to it I cry and get chills.

Yeah for being able to clean your house. That is a huge deal to me when I get that done!

We live in a victorian home a little over a hundred years. My husband (Robbie) has been renovating it too. He also has been working a full-time job and various side jobs. It has been crazy and I totally know what you mean about Mommy putting in 12 hours day. I'm exhausted, but I think Robbie is more exhausted than me. You roof looks fabulous!!!!

Elizabeth said...

i have always loved the charm of that house. i am so glad you are still using the green baker's cabinet...SO NICE! just so much character in the house and you've updated it and brought it a long way from Dave's bachelor days (when his summer roomie was my ex)...Dave needed you then just as much as you need him now (& his dad) to complete that wonderful addition! :-) hard workers make me feel good too!

Jackie @ Our Moments Our Memories said...

You're amazing! Just reading what all you and your hubby do every, those are some pretty full days and can imagine that you would be exhausted. Thank God for His strength!

So glad you posted pics of your house! I loved getting a peak into your house, and it seems just how I imagine your personality to be. So beautiful and very homey. Your big maroon/purple chair(sorry, not sure of the exact color) looks like it is begging for someone to curl up in it with a book for about 3 hours. :)

Kari Dawson said...

I love the miracle wall! Good Lord, how DID you find time?

Tracy said...

Wow! That IS some inspired energy, girl! It IS sparkling! Hooray for clean houses, home improvements, scrapbooking and spending time with sweet boys! I LOVE the song that you posted! Strangely, I too posted on song lyrics (and had no idea about the Feel Good Friday theme!) Cool!

Tracy = )

The Bayou Belles and Their Beau said...

Look at you go, girl.

Funny about the song. Go to my church's website (, click the North page for worship and play the video of the song performed at a recent service. It's "I WIll Not Be Moved." Check out who's singing the background vocals ... just lil' ol' me. I'm wearing the white pants with black top. It is a great song.

Lisa said...

nothing, no nothing is better then a clean house and projects coming together!!! It looks fantastic and that is going to be one amazing closet, huh???

Now if only we could figure out a way to keep it that nice and clean.....

Stacey said...

Wow you power cleaned!!! Enjoy today!

mamachristina said...

I am so impressed with all you accomplished. I love love the white and green piece of furniture in your kitchen, I don't know what it is called sorry. and I am envious of you scrapping time.