Saturday, July 19, 2008

 Blessings x 3

My three, I'm pausing to count my blessings. I can not go there with out the three of you immediately coming to mind. You know how our household and schedules seem to be turned upside down a bit while daddy improves things for us? Well, that's kind of hard for mommy. Nap times are scarce, if happening at all and many things have had to be compromised or changed to accommodate our project. We have all embraced a pretty consistent schedule from very early on in your lives. I know these changes are just as different for you all as they are for me. I am so impressed by the way you guys have shown me how grown up you are becoming in the way you are handling the changes which are temporarily affecting our daily living. The way you all played quietly together this morning brought a sweet joy to my heart.

My mastermind Jay, choreographing that little triangle of brothers this afternoon - brilliant and such cuteness! "Hey guys let's make a triangle - Noe, you go there, and K, you lay right here." You crack me up buddy!I'm so very thankful for this pleasant change. You all may be learning this adaptability thing better than your mommy. Your cooperation in the last few days helps me more than you know. Remember how relaxed I was after I was able to clean the house the other day? Well, that was just the main level. Since my bedroom looks like this:

I really struggle to not be overwhelmed with the helplessness. I'm told cleaning it would be futile until this part of the project is over. Mommy has some OCD tendencies, and the lack of control can make her the teeniest bit crazy.
Last week there were a few days where I wasn't sure we were going to do so well with this. I was tired. The three of you seemed to pick up on that quickly. Was it all in my head or were you really plotting against me? Manipulation is definitely a strong point among us. So many moments over the past couple of months have had this way of whittling down my patience until I haven't had alot to give. Remember this? Perhaps some day you two older boys will unlock the secret as to how in the world this happened.
Thank the Lord for over night shipping boys. Even with that, you were both in pretty big trouble.
Speaking of shipping, in my exhaustion I was thrilled to see your enthusiasm over playing in a box filled with packing materials (Thank you Aunt Sarah!). It is great when you all find something simple that entertains you for hours. For a split second I even thought about how convenient it was that you fit so nicely and were comfortably packed...

But no...we may have our moments of frustrations, but through it all you guys mean the world to me. Plus, postage would likely be through the roof, and there are no longer any holes in that lovely roof - let's keep it that way.

Ahh, but the past few days have been full of energy giving moments for me. When you all get a little bit older I hope you will love the uniqueness of each of the four seasons which we are privileged to experience here just as I do. When one season is drawing to a close and another is hinting at it's new beginning there is excitement in the air. I feel it boys. I feel a subtle shifting of seasons. The baby stage was bursting with miraculous moments. Moments that will forever be engraved upon my heart. It also held sleeplessness and complete dependence in it's bag of goodies. I do realize that each stage I go through with you guys will hold it's very own set of challenges. Regardless, I am excitedly anticipating this transformation.

I am seeing some breakthroughs in the obedience department. Even the littlest glimmer is enough to give so much hope. Hope that perhaps...maybe we are doing a couple of things right... :) You are each, in your own ways and at your own pace, beginning to seek the one who created you. I love to hear your heartfelt efforts at offering your own little prayers. I can see you each listening more and more. Whether you choose to take to heart what daddy and I are saying to you and actually apply it seems to depend upon the moment.

My little Noe, imagine my surprise when you began to have an interest in the potty last week. The highchair will be going to the basement soon. You are mastering the art of utensils - all on your own! I knew this would all happen, but so soon? It is with bittersweet emotions that I observe all of this. So much more sweet than bitter.

Thank you all for being what you are to me. My students, my teachers, my cuddlers, my crazy ones, and always always - my babies. Sorry, it's just the way it is.


dani said...

you definitely do have three little blessings from GOD, wendi!!!
actually, and a few extra this week with the joint effort of your roofers:D
your boys are darling and i bet a lot of fun!!! leaving you bettersweet, hmmm???

Anne Elizabeth said...

This post totally made me cry! Your boys are so cute. I live for the moments when my kids are tender with eachother. It makes my day to see that they are getting what I am trying so hard to teach them.

Elizabeth said...

sweet sweet sweet

Angie said...

Thanks for this, Wendi. It's so easy for me to see how far we have to go instead of looking at how far they've come. Good perspective. :)

Sarah M. said...

It took me the longest time to figure out how I provided the box of packing peanuts. Don figured it out for me.
I'm glad I am not the only one whose house can be soo clean one day and unrecognizable the next! It did look so clean, but the boys are too cute to.

cathy| Mommy Motivation said...

Oh, this is such a great treasure! I hope that your boys will appreciate all these memories that you are recording.

And, I was just sharing today how I've bought my last pkg of diapers. And all my kids are becoming 'themselves'. Ya know? We are no longer 'one'. I find the dependent days so much easier. So this whole stage of corralling little beings with their own ideas and wills, is just... well, exhausting! If I had a box big enough... :)

Jackie @ Our Moments Our Memories said...

Oh, those boys. How smart and sweet they are!

I had to do a double-take when I first started reading the first two paragraphs...because I have a half-written post that sounds a lot like this one. :) Go figure!

Morning By Morning said...

THAT WAS SOOO SWEET!!!! Your boys are too cute!!!!

Mari said...

I've got an award for you...come see!

TAMI said...

Just found your blog, linking over from Mari's ~ We both received awards today. Read J.D.'s story, and yours. Thank you for sharing such a tender piece of your life.

Stacey said...

So sweet! And I can totally relate! Love your family stories; I feel like I get to know you more and more!

Becoming Me said...

Very precious. Mothering has so many frustrating moments, but it is beautiful how you can find blessings in them

Amanda said...

so sweet...and so filled with the details that make for keeping us fixed on what is true and noble and right and good...oh how i long to box up these days and simply savor i need to write down all the "blessing" parts so that the other moments don't seem like so much of a trial!

mattpatt said...

Wendi -

Boy, oh boy -

You so make me look at my every day miracles.

You are a part of my Seven from Heaven award winners - Stop by when you get a chance!

Thank you for continued inspiration - I check in just to see if you have anything new -



MoziEsmé said...

What a beautiful letter! So much bittersweetness involved in growing up, with more sweet than bitter, as you say . . .