Tuesday, March 18, 2008

 That was then, this is now

Before I was a mom I never:
1) Held a little one and actually relished the combined scents of apple juice and baby lotion

2) Watched a DVD so many times that I began obsessing about creative ways for said DVD to "disappear"

3) Thought I would cry if I saw one more dirty diaper, but then went on to change hundreds more and never actually lost my sanity (I'm almost positive...)

4) Lost my breath over four precious words, "I love you Mommy"

5) Would've taken immunization shots for some one in a heart beat

6) Experienced the heart wrenching emotion of watching a little person being wheeled away to surgery and feeling like a part of me was being wheeled away with them

7) Knew the strength that I possessed and the fighting spirit that having children of my own would induce

8) Prayed so much

9) Hurt so much

10) Loved so much

11) laughed so much

K, Jay, and Noe,
You have enriched my life beyond any thing I could've imagined. Some days I have been ready to turn in my resignation for this mom thing. :) I have felt too inadequate, too frustrated, too tired. Then you guys have taught me precious lessons. I am not doing this alone. It is beyond worth it. God knew in the very beginning that I would be the best mommy for all of you and that you would be the greatest blessing and source of growth for me. I love you guys with every fiber of my being. I hope and pray that I will do the very best I can to give you roots and wings.
Your Mommy


Leslie said...

lovely lovely, beautiful letter to your kiddos. A treasure!

Ben said...

Hello! Sarah gave me the link to your blog...its beautiful! LOVE this post, I can totally relate :)

Sarah said...

Ok, so I commented under my husbands account last time without realizing it!! It was actually me :) HA! I commented somwhere else on you blog too, I think! He logged on as himself while I was gone, and I didn't pay attention :)