Wednesday, March 19, 2008

 Home improvement

We've come to the point where we have realized that we have taken on a life long project. We are remodeling our home. We have been remodeling our home ever since it has been our home. We will likely be remodeling it for as long as it is our home. Partly because we are committed to staying out of debt as well as the simple fact that we have alot to do. I used to resent that. I used to want a newer house. More to the point, a finished house. Some times I still do. Most days though I am so happy with the home we have. It is an incredible blessing. Somewhere in between having babies and doing life, I began to fall in love with the character this old home possesses (It's not possessed - like haunted or any thing, just has character). :)

I believe our home was built in the 30s. It has lots of old wood work, a spacious kitchen, a delightful built in book shelf in the living room, and french doors leading into our front porch (Or better known as the keeper-of-massive-amount-of-toys-room). Those are a few of my favorite elements of our home.

Our most recent small project was installing a new bathroom sink. Our bathroom is a decent size, but more of a long narrow type design. Whoever designed it had put the toilet right in front of the sink. With the previous sink we had, it didn't leave alot of room for walking between. We found this great sink with a much narrower cupboard part with out losing much size in the actual bowl of the sink. It makes a big difference in the over all look and functional space of our bathroom!

The next 'home improvement' may not actually be able to be categorized as such. Maybe more like, 'boys and their toys'.
Purchased the day before the Daytona 500. Thirty-seven inches of Nascar. What can I say? It's a beautiful thing. Dave is working on designing a corner entertainment center to house his new toy. In his 'spare time' he will work on making that.

Moving on... I am gearing up for a busy day. After feeding every body and getting K off to pre-school I have a date with a certain mischievous 3 year old to read books (Sorry Janitor, this is first come first serve. If you want a date, you need to contact me soon!). This afternoon K and I will be going to town to purchase supplies needed for tomorrow's Mom2Mom craft. I'll be sure to post about it tomorrow. It's going to be really fun! After shopping I am bringing K to speech therapy. I take him to speech therapy twice a month. They work on oral motor skills to improve his eating and drinking.

K and I will hurry home after our adventures so that Dave can leave for church. He has video tech./power point duties at church. Tonight he will prepare for Sundays service by entering songs into the computer etc. Our evenings are quite busy this week. We have a Good Friday service at church as well, so Dave will prepare for that Thursday night during rehearsals, then we will all try to make it to the Friday service.

In closing let me just say, bad move to have 'Beatle's night' two weeks in a row on American Idol. It wasn't great at all last night. I think I will go ahead and go out on a limb and let you know my faves. :) Despite the slightly corny performance last night, I adore Brooke White. She's so 'real'. Carly Smithson is another one who I enjoy alot (took me a while to get past the tatoo, but I worked it out). I think David Cook is a great performer, and Chikezie is really fun. So there you have it. :)

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Sarah M. said...

Hey Sunshine!
I really enjoy keeping up with your day to day thru this blog! I miss you something terrible!
I am hoping, and praying, when someday we are at the point we can cease house projects for a few years! Of course right now the house is the project, we can't wait to finish and move in. (or maybe I should say, move in and finsh)