Monday, March 17, 2008

 A lovely weekend

I had almost forgotten what it felt like to go to church together as a family. It's really nice! :) It can be a little crazy at first as I juggle Noe, his blanket (I have forgotten the magical soft blue blanket with bears on it twice. I don't think the nursery workers liked me very much those days), the diaper bag, and my bag with Bible etc. Dave gets K's walker unfolded and gets him started with that while we inevitably settle some complaint of Jay's and convince him that 'big boy class' is fun and he will be fine. We some how get down a flight of stairs and get each child to their destination, or at least our destination for them. At this point Dave and I look at each other, take a deep breath and get to our destination. We are a part of a young couples Sunday school class. There are probably 15-18 couples who attend this class and it makes for great insight and dialog. Right now our new pastor of student and family ministries, Pastor W, is teaching the class. He is a great teacher, but the conviction he inspired yesterday morning wasn't the most comfortable. I have recently talked about needing to step away from my beloved comfort though haven't I? :) He talked about how we need to instill godly morals into our children. We discussed taking every day moments as opportunities to teach our kids. How they are watching every thing we do, listening to every thing we say and modeling their responses after those things. Hmmmm. It really does inspire me to be more conscience of every moment. We've all seen it I'm sure; one of our frequently used words, habits, even just body language, being repeated in our children. Some times it's funny, some times it is convicting. I know there are some things that I will be changing. Highlights of my weekend: 1) The pure uninhibited joy of a 3 year old finding out he will be getting a dog in a couple of weeks. 2) Boys sleeping in till 10:00 Saturday morning!! (And they went to bed at 8pm Friday night... Don't hate me moms!) 3) Going out for Chinese food with friends we haven't seen in a while (Loved looking at our table filled with cute little ones! How did our group grow to 10?). 4) Relaxed family time, which has become all too rare in the past several months. I loved it! 5) Seeing a sweet litle boy, who is very special to me and also had a rough start in life, taking some steps in a tiny walker like K's 6) Holding hands with Dave while we worshipped God together at church. 7) More beautiful sun shine that hints at springs arrival.

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Amanda said...

popped by your blog after seeing a comment you left on leslies. how beautiful and sweet aroma of Christ you show forth as you write. God bless!