Thursday, March 27, 2008

 loving in-deed

Have you ever been completely blown away by the kindness that somebody has chosen to bestow on you? I have. Last night a sweet friend asked if she could leave a meal for me at church for Dave to bring home after he finished up with his time at church. I told her that I would never turn such an offer down, but I was sure there were many who could use such a generous gesture more than I.
I was so surprised and deeply touched when Dave came home with the gifts that this dear friend had left for us. A wonderful home cooked meal, a couple of packages of diapers, and this amazing bouquet of tulips!! I really love flowers. These seriously brightened my day! This wonderful selfless act inspires me. Knowing how it made me feel really encourages me to do things like this for other people.
This morning I went to my wonderful Mom2Mom group and two friends had brought in a bunch of clothes that their boys had grown out of or didn't want. Alot of them were brand new. they offered them to me. The clothes were wonderful and perfect sizes for K and Jay. Again, I was the recipient of such sweet generosity. I am so blessed!
Our Mom2Mom group went out to breakfast this morning. It was delicious. We went to a place we had never been before and it will now be frequently visited by us!! What a fun little place !! We loved it.


Sarah said...

Beautiful! I often think if it as God's way of showing us just how much He loves us...he just uses those people to work through, and they are then blessed in return! Happy Thursday!

Stacey said...

Cool! Have heard that country song where someone tips a pregnant waitress $20 and it turns out that someone had been helped by the waitress's husband earlier and he wouldn't take any money...Pass it to speak!
Have a great one!