Friday, March 28, 2008

 I really crack myself up

Yesterday I finally reached a point where I'd just had it with this cough and the rib pain. I made a doctor appointment for today, even though I was quite sure there wasn't much that could done for me. New diagnoses: coughing resulting from bacterial infection (therefore curable by antibiotics. Yay!) and likely a cracked rib and/or torn muscle due to the intense coughing. I am now armed with an arsenal of drugs and am feeling pretty darn mellow right now. Life is good.

It has been a treat to see my parents and watch them with the boys. I sure miss them during the months between visits and often try to wish the distance between us away. :) Our times with them are so enjoyable, but few and far between. The boys could hardly sleep last night because they knew when they woke up that Grandma and Grandpa would be here. We had some pretty wound boys! Grandma and Grandpa brought our new puppy with them and the knowledge of that probably had a little bit to do with the excitement in the house last night as well!

Welcome to the family Buster Brown Eyes!

He is a wonderful fit for our family. He is a super sweet puppy and already seems to obey simple commands. He is a three month old Great Pyrenees/Lab mix. It's been alot of fun getting to know him and watching the boys with him. Although he does have some puppy type tendencies, he is much more gentle than I expected. I look forward to Buster being part of our family and watching him grow up with the boys. We have all fallen for this delightful furry friend and Jay is simply smitten.


Rachel said...

Buster Brown Eyes is sooo cute. Chad has wanted a black lab forever. Glad to hear you are felling mellow. :)I hope you are still able to have an awesome weekend!

Sarah said...

There's nothing like watching boys with a fun! Enjoy your parents adn YAY for medicine :)

Stacey said...

So they really gave the puppy up huh? It went to a good home and they can visit! Did they bring his brother along for the party??

Have fun with Buster! And glad to hear you are felling better.