Wednesday, March 26, 2008

 photographic experimentation

I only have a few minutes left of my self allotted "blog time" of the day. I've used most of it giving my blog a little make over. :) It was so much fun.
I will give you a little peek into the fun I've been having learning our new camera. There is still alot that I need to figure out. I love photography, but don't have alot of knowledge about it yet. Dave and I are hoping to take some photography classes together some time.

They are pretty easy subjects to photograph. :) They've been very patient as I've snapped their pictures over and over.

Other things going on:

Babysitting for two special little ones today whom I haven't spent much time with in the last few months. We've had lots of fun!

Meeting tomorrow with K's preschool teacher and principal to make decisions about placement this fall.

Iced my rib for about 45 minutes last night. Feeling a teeny bit of relief.

Slept all night last night with out waking up for several coughing fits like I have been doing for the past month or so. Yay!

Okay, I had to add this one. Check out those eye lashes!! :) He just looks yummy.


Elizabeth...mommy...etc said...

keep up the good photography!

Stacey said...

Great pics! What kind of camera did you get?