Sunday, March 12, 2017

 {March} Ten on the tenth

5:30 am {Yawn}. 
 I'm up to read my Bible and have some quiet time, but when I see the piles of clean, but unfolded laundry in front of me I realize that I need to jump in to this.  I use my app to read to me while I get the boys' clothes ready for the day. 

Annnd, they're up.  It's reading month spirit week, and today is "dress like an artist day".  So - Dash from the Incredibles.  Obviously.  

Dave got the oldest two to the middle school, now it's my turn to get the littles off to the elementary school.   Gurt the penguin goes with us every day.  Noe may be 10, but he is pretty attached to this penguin that my mom made him. 

Got my run in at Dave's dorm.  It's spring break for the students and everything is empty,  so I can basically use whatever I want over there. ;)  My face shows you how much I loved this part of my day...

I'm in my van *alot* every single day.  My sweet little solar dancing sunflower makes me smile as I taxi around. 

Bonus points if your snack matches your tablecloth. ;)  Aldi for the win. 


First pick up done. Homework time until the littles are out. 

They have an hour wait between when they are done and their brothers are done.  So when someone offers you a phone, you don't even care if it's pink. 

We met with our small group tonight.  If you have people in your life - you know, the ones you can call at any hour of the night and the ones you can laugh your head off with and bawl your eyes out with? -  Then you are counted among the richest.  We are blessed.   Great way to end out our night.  

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