Saturday, January 2, 2016

 Happy 13!

You came into the world with the tiniest cry I had ever heard.  But you cried.  And that was everything. 

You are my tough as nails and my soft place to fall.

You are my multitasking and my brakes.

You are my reality.

You bring the blackest of storm clouds into my life and all the light of the heavens.

You changed my life.

You are my simple and my complex.

You show me everything I never knew I needed.

You push me to my limits and back again.

You are my organized and my chaos.

You confuse me and you astound me.

Today you are a teenager.

Being your mama is everything.

I will never forget your eyes fused shut and your tiny legs, the size of my pinky finger.

You are my miracle.

You show me hard; really, really hard.  And you show me a prefect grace.

You are my valuable and my priceless.

Happy 13 Caleb.  Thank you for forging a path that shows me a better, every day of my life.


Caleb Mark in middle school, 6th grade - 2015

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