Tuesday, December 22, 2015

 Noe turns 9

Dear Noe,

In the early hours of this morning, while the house was still quiet, you turned nine years old.  To be honest,  I have thought of you as a nine years old for a while.  I often refer to you as my "old soul" and that only becomes more true with each passing year of your life.  It's not that you don't seem like a kid - you are silly and at times ridiculous, with loads of innocence.  But it's more of what's underneath all of that which points to an old soul.

You are absolutely, 100% comfortable in your own {unique} skin.  Your teacher brought this up to me at our recent conference and remarked that for the vast majority of her significant teaching career she has been faced with repeatedly trying to help kids feel more comfortable being themselves, but it often takes years, if it can even be achieved.  She beamed when she spoke of you and how you come in to her class daily, with a grin, dancing to your own beat.

You don't have tons of friends, but value every relationship you have.  You won't go with the flow and don't care what others around you will think of you.  I got a little glimpse of your classmates and how they relate to you when I headed up your third grade classroom Christmas party.  One girl sat at my sock snowman crafting table and with a grin reported that "Noah is the smart one in here.  If we don't know what's going on, we ask him.  And he keeps our teacher in line too."  - So we'll keep working on that respecting our elders thing and how sometimes even if you do know the right answer or a better way - just because we CAN correct someone doesn't mean we always should.  That detail aside, we are so grateful for your giving heart and your passion for truth!

I don't want to forget my third-grade-Noe.  You can not get enough of learning.  Since that's not the norm around here, it is rather fascinating to watch.  You could have school 7 days a week and still be hungry to learn.  Keep it up buddy, we are very proud of you. I love how immovable you have been, since kindergarten, on your desire to be a missionary when you grow up.  This fall I got you a biography of Jim Elliot and you have devoured that book.  I was a tad nervous to have you get to the end of that one because, let's face it, it doesn't exactly end....well. However, in true Noe fashion you gently explained to me that I shouldn't be sad it ended the way it did because living - and dying- for something bigger than ourselves is truly the point of life.  Gulp.  My bad. You were, indeed, ready to read it. Your plan to do a report on Jim Elliot for your big third grade project, interest fair, and wax museum is quite impressive. Because no one in your school really knows who he is and they are all choosing "famous" people with a wide popularity, who are or have been "in the spotlight".  So this highlights your YOU-ness, and how you run after what is important to you, no matter the pushback.

What a privilege it is to be your mama!  Some of the time I am guiding and training you, and then - there are all those times you school me in so many things.  You shoot straight, honestly, and logically.  And you have a very real radar-type sense of when I'm not.  You plan ahead and get things on my calendar, make me notes and organize as much as you can.  Because again.... Not my strong suit.  Yes, I learn so much from you!

This year I have also watched you become a bit of a "Mali-whisperer".  It's no secret over here that baby boy can be a bit of a terror, when the mood strikes him.  While we recklessly love that little terror, from head to toe, there are times no one can reason with him.  Until you get that "Mom, I've got this" look in your eye, grab your beloved art supplies, and whisk him into a creative coma before he knows what even hit him.  It's amazing really, because usually we have all tried things at that point and nothing quite works.  Suddenly we see him sitting with you, quiet and content, with scissors, glue, and paper flying.  I'm thinking whatever it is you do there - you should probably keep those skills around.  People managing skills are in rare supply and will serve you well in life...

So happy NINE dear son!  You are a delight.  Even when we don't see eye to eye, Even when your logic and reason clash with my... um illogic and emotion...  I am truly honored to be your mama!  Every year brings more wonderful things to see in you and this adventure sure is fascinating!


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