Monday, October 14, 2013

 "shore" is big…

He's full of life,
like -  bursting with energy and excitement 
over everything he sees, feels, thinks, knows.

I think we all can learn from that kind of living. 

He loves chicken enchiladas, 
{You should hear him say it. Cuteness overload)

He's fierce, really.
So fierce about loving big,
grasping the greatness of everything he can -

and fierce about his way,
that stubborn set to the jaw
I know it all too well….

His heart is just huge,

and two weeks before his fourth birthday he invited Jesus to live inside of that bigness.
So good, and so genuine.

But yes, a heart still bent on its own way and in need of channeling,
loving to goodness.

{Alot like his mama}

He thinks everything through with a thoroughness that defies his age.

His questions are intelligent and they stop me often.

"Why do we have fingernails?"

"How old will we be in heaven?"

"If you aren't taking me out to eat because we don't have very much money, why do you have a Mac?"

Yeah. That's my little buddy.

And the Big Dreams. 
I hope they stay.
Because someday when you are an astronaut/fireman I will be your biggest fan. And yes, I'm sure there are fires on the moon. Reflecting that big ol' sun and all……

He keeps telling me He isn't my baby anymore.
And I can concede, and stop calling him "baby" {reality is, indeed, sinking in on that one}
But he has that thing that I have - the forever baby thing. 
He keeps telling me about ever-green trees.

"They are green for EVER mama!"

{You're kind of my ever-baby.
I know - not your fav - but it is what it is.}

He runs hard, plays hard, and crashes hard.
He is love, life, and laughter.
He is tough as nails and can be oh-so-unreasonable.

He has Jay's rebellious streak, Noe's meticulous perfectionism, and K's love for snuggling.
So much just him characteristics too. All Kai.
A uniqueness that God created inside of him.
We love it so much.

He's a Daniel Tiger fan.
Builds huge duplo towers, and flying tree houses.
Adores his brothers.
Tortures then well.
Holds his own in true youngest-of-four-boys style.
Has some sweet dance moves.
Thinks Daddy is where it's at (smart kid).
Still doesn't pronounce his "f's"correctly.

"I'm so excited to be turning shore!!"

"Can we make mushins mama?"

{I secretly hope that doesn't end anytime soon)

He shocks us with his eagerness to already sound words out
and write them on anything he can.
He is adding, subtracting, counting, alphabeting to his heart's content,
and telling us any bit of knowledge he has.

He is joy.

May your heart be ever drawn to your creator.

{True to His character, He did a fantastic job with you}

Happy "shore".

You kind of melt me.


deb Bommarito said...

This is a perfect and heartfelt story! I am so thankful to have it start my day. Thank you for sharing this beautiful tribute to your son on his special day.The photographs alone tell a story all can relate to. You have captured his uniquness and your love for him with pen . Must love children:-) I know I do:-)

Lynda Halliger Otvos (Lynda M O) said...

Happy Shore, Young Kai !~! Shore is the coolest age, so much happens at shore and, buddy, then comes Shive. Hard to believe that you are getting so big. Did mama count for sure !~!

PS I'm a Daniel Tiger fan too.