Thursday, September 19, 2013

 The Janitor-Shepherd

My husband is a janitor. Most of you know that. 

It's an incredible blessing for our family that Dave has a full time job, and our bills are always paid. I have never looked down on what he does for a living, and I see that what he does is so.much.more than cleaning.

I see it. But I suppose I would be naive if I didn't see how some may view such a position. For the most part, it really doesn't matter "what other people think". But then there's this: The Reactive Protective Wife Reflex. And even though the lines are invisible  - I have seen certain lines drawn based upon status and perhaps one could say "collar color".

Oh his heart. I realize I get to see the depths of his heart in a way that most never will. I am privileged like that. But there are times I just want the world to see this beautiful person who has gifts untapped.

His desire is ministry. Through some of his recent college classes alot of his gifting was identified as "shepherding". He shines when he is pouring into the lives of people. He waits for the possibility to do this full time, but each morning he wakes, he folds his hands and tips his head to The One who has made it clear that - for now- his mission field is a certain university, where he has been for 8 + years. God said "stay", so he stays. Every day, with a faithfulness that enlightens me to things eternal. {thank you}

Enough doors have closed, for the time being, that we have a deep peace about the word "stay". For today. This is what we are called to today. Ministry abounds, and again, we are thankful.

This juggling and working of the full time job, ministry, life, and Everything - it is challenging. But when it is what God leads you to, you do it and you know it's possible. Not just possible, but good. It's good.

I won't lie - real tears flooded my eyes when they saw these words penned to my shepherd hearted husband a few weeks ago.

 For my desire that his heart be seen was fulfilled by at least this one professor. He wrote a book, and signed the first copy to Dave. And he gets it. 

{Dave the janitor, custodian of God's Word}

Yes. This is where it's at. We stay and we plug in. Until he tells us something else, we make the most of every opportunity where we are at.


Arlona said...

Of course, being his mother, I am prejudiced, but I love that you are his wife and encourager. Without you, many of the things Dave does for God would not be possible. Dave is a family man with his own family and the family of God. Thanks for sharing. He truly is a "custodian of the word of God." Love, Mom

Cindy Cain said...

I love this Wendi! For many years my husband was a janitor/school bus driver! Many may look down on that type of occupation, yet, no matter what we 'do', we are working as until the Lord. My husband has gone to be with Jesus now, but I often wonder 'what' God has him doing!

Christy said...


Anonymous said...

I'm a lurker and have never commented before, but I had to let you know that this post really touched my heart. My husband also works as a janitor/handyman among other jobs - whatever he can get to support his family in this economy. He also has a heart for the Lord leading Young Life and Middle School Youth Group here in our small town. It hurts when people automatically draw assumptions about him because of his job. He's thought of leaving town and getting a better job out of state, but then he'd be leaving us and all the kids he pours his heart into. This post just really grabbed me. Thank you for sharing your life with us. Have a blessed day! - Maria C.

Hayley said...

I love this Wendi! You guys are just the coolest. What a beautiful ministry you both //already// do.