Tuesday, February 26, 2013


Dear Jay,

Someday you may know the breathless feeling of watching a tiny person, who looks sort of like you, grow into a bigger person. You will watch them make choices, big and little. You will observe as their very own world view is formed. And you might just understand a slice of what I am feeling today.

8 is pretty big. We both agree on this. 8 is fun. 8 is breaking away, just a little bit more. 

I see compassion in you and I see selfishness. I see human flesh, and I see God. His Spirit lives in you, and the desperate prayer of this mama is that you will submit to his calling on your life.
But my job is simply to train, 
to love,
to nurture,
to protect - only to a certain extent,
and to watch God do what He will with you.

You are His child. 

I love you so much, I hardly even know how to express it. 

Even at 4:30 this morning, when you crawled in bed with me (dude…) My heart surged with love, as simultaneously my mind and body just surged with tired. :) "I love you mom. Can I rest with you?" - Who could say no to that?  - So, I said, "well, if by "rest" you mean "sleep", then yes." *grin*

You have settled into a small circles of friends at school. You love people, but have displayed some signs of being an introvert. I would not have guessed that earlier in your life. That is part of the fun of watching you grow up - getting to know you and figuring out who you are inside. 

Your four favorite friends will join you tonight at a bowling and pizza party, marking your very first "friend" birthday party. Very epic, in your world. I love to see your excitement over this much awaited milestone. 

Your giggle makes me grin, and your attitude drives me to the edge of insanity. We are learning alot together. I have always considered you one of God's refining tools in my life. :) 

You are all about

Toby Mac
playing outside
being active
hugs {I'll take this for as l o n g as I can!}

Today, giggle your heart out. 
Flash that disarming grin with the hint of dimple. 
Be silly, as you totter between little boy and grown up. 
Celebrate that today, 8 years ago, the world changed for the better. 

I know I will!! 

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Christy said...

8 is great! Our youngest is 8 and it is so fun to watch. Well, when she's not moving too fast for me to see her or grab her and get a quick hug in. She's always running, riding, jumping, swinging something. :)