Thursday, January 3, 2013

 He's 10

Dear K,

Yesterday you turned 10. A whole decade old! It is certainly not lost on this mama that this is a very big deal. I remembered during your first year… I wouldn't even let myself dream of your first birthday, let alone a decade of them!! 

Now 10. 
Take that doctors. 
Take that surgeons. 
Take that people who said he shouldn't/couldn't/would never.

You are you, and you do not even pretend to be anything else. :) You are strong, and lazy, and big and loving. So, so affectionate - telling me you love me "very, very much" at least twice a day. Loud smacking kisses always seal the deal. 

You don't have much of a filter, and say what is on your mind. Good, bad, and selfish - there it is. Out there for all to hear, often multiple times. ;) We are working on this.

The night before you entered the double digits you asked me to lay with you while you got settled in your bed. You ask us to lay with you very often, and many times there is just too much going on for us to do so. But that night I really listened to that inner voice telling me to just do it. 

You smiled your half smile, and you wrapped your left arm around mine in that puzzling lightening fast hold that keeps me from getting up easily. You were going to be sure that I stayed right where you wanted me. You absolutely love being close. 

I looked at you in the half dark - just illuminated by the hallway light. I could not believe how big you are. I had all these flashes of memories from the past 10 years. Lots of stuff, huh? You've been through so much more than most 10 year olds. 

Your life means so much to me. That sounds simplistic and understated, for sure. It's just true. You teach me service and love (the real kind). You teach me patience. So many times I have thrown an immature fit of unloving, "come on! hurry up! Stop inconveniencing me." (gulp *so not proud of that*), and then your expressive eyes turn up to mine and I *get it*. Why I'm here, why you are here, the bigger picture. 

So, for that - and so much more, I am ever so grateful. Thank you for being you. 



Kimberly said...

OMG 10!!! So amazing! I think he was 5 when we "met". And now my son is 5. K is always an inspiration to me. I just love him to pieces.


Melissa C. said...

I love this! So sweet.