Tuesday, July 31, 2012

 {life looks like this}

I thought it was high time to update the blog. The only thing is that my brain is a little bit swirly and all over the place today. So, be warned.

Maybe it is because I am on my second round of prednisone for a bad reaction to poison ivy. It just doesn't.want.to.go.away. Blehghhhh.

Perhaps the brain fog is because life has been… crazy. Nothin' new there. At all.

Lots of good and a fair portion of tough. Again - pretty much the usual around here. *smile*

The only thing is, this time around the tough has an undertow of pointed, specific attack to it. As Dave and I move forward in pursuing full time ministry, wow… I don't even really know how to explain it. Suffice it to say, I am pretty sure we are on the right track. Isn't it unfortunate that sometimes the measure of whether or not you are going in the right direction can be how much the enemy ups the ante on his offenses against us? Not loving it, but standing strong. I'm so thankful for the power of Christ in us. I would be nothing with out Him. Nothing.

We went camping last weekend. It was a blast! I really mean it. :)
squishing worms on hooks (annnd, I've just lost some of you),
some rain (which means fun mud embankments to slide down),
our whole family in a canoe,
sticky-wicky s'mores (my new FAV: fudge striped cookies+peanut butter+ roasted marshmallow. Ohhhh… nom nom!),
 - and probably best of all, uninterrupted, unplugged (kinda… we did have a ds and an Ipad, but no Internet) family time.

It was a blessing! I am fully embracing this mom of boys thing. :)

Just have to interject here for a minute - I washed my hair with body wash. BODYWASH. And no conditioner. I forgot my shampoo and conditioner at home. For hair of my texture and thickness, that is a five alarm emergency. Disastrous. - And I didn't freak out over it. Case in point, that I am truly embracing this camping/fishing/roughing it thing. ;) The hair treatment above: Bodywash, sand, lake water, more sand, lots of wind, and voila - perfectly "tousled". 

Starting in September I will be part of a team at our church, teaching 2nd-6th grade Sunday school. That's a new age group for me, and I am excited to be doing this! I will have two of my own in the class as well, so that should make for some interesting times.

Exciting things going on in the photography business as well. It's kind of been a long time coming - but we are officially "Ordinary Miracles Photography LLC" now. This basically just means that we have more liability protection - and I can throw the letters "LLC" around, like I know what I am doing. *wink*

My friend Cori did a super fun photo shoot with us a few weeks ago.

We have been busy, with a steady amount of photography session bookings.

I am so blessed by this. You know how sometimes you step out with something new and just have NO idea how it is going to go? -This was one of those things! There are countless "photographers" out there these days. Since the digital revolution, any one can easily get a nice dslr camera, google just about anything, watch YouTube tutorials, and label themselves a "photographer". Those facts alone make me seriously cringe and almost want to remove the label from myself. Honestly, my journey looked a little bit like that *cringe*

Oh look, conditioner!

Here's the thing with me though - I am very upfront about who I am and who I am not, where my skill level is, and the fact that if people want a professional, who has had years of experience, they can go elsewhere. I do charge for my photography services, but I believe my prices reflect my skill level realistically and accurately.

We are being pretty free with TV time this week. Jay is enamored with the Olympics, and it has been super fun to watch his excitement! I love that kid, and his big dreams.

So, guess what we have been doing with the littlest. A few hints:

As you can see, I have many helpers in this *fun* process. - And by *fun*, of course I mean pretty much my least favorite aspect of mommy-ing. :)  - We are gettin' there though. Pretty close. Mali is doing great, as long as I am not too foggy brained, and am on top of things as far as reminding him of his big boy responsibilities.

Until next time, signing off -

The worm touching, potty training, sanity fighting mama. ;)


Penny said...

Your dress is adorable! And glad you're officially an LLC!!!

Katarina said...

Such a fun summer for you guys! Praying that you will continue to stand in God's strength as you face *tough* times for following where He leads.
YIPEE about the photography business, that is super exciting!!

Christy said...

OK I feel your pain because I had to take high doses of prednisone earlier this year and oh man! It is not good. :( Hang in there.
It looks like your camping trip went great AND your hair looks super cute with the body wash method. Ha! The things we will do for love.......;)
Have a blessed day!

Nikki said...

awesome post...and can i just say, your bodywashed hair looks great!!