Wednesday, July 11, 2012

 {July} 7 on the 10th...

I know, I know! …It's all wrong. But I am doing it anyway. :)

Moment of honesty: I didn't realize that it was actually July 10th until roughly 9:45 am yesterday. Yeah, post vacation brain is that bad. ;) (because for sure it is not a normal thing for me to NOT know what day it is.
Post vacation brain. Has to be.)

So, I cobbled it together and took a few pictures. Not 10 like it is supposed to be, and like I usually do, but I so enjoy doing this each month, that I didn't want to just scrap it.

Somewhere in the 9:00 hour
Cinnamon rolls in the waffle maker. Brilliant (annnd again, thank you pinterest…)

10:00 hour-ish
Getting a package all ready to be shipped off to Iowa.

12, maybe
Loving what our garden is producing!

Possibly 3:00
Don't you wear your Jimmy Johnson hats and penguin backpack to the post office? And bring your baby doll that talks? And ask for candy the second you get through the door? Yeah, well, we do. 

Trying out the little side braid in the growing-out-o-the ol'-bangs process. And, incidentally, matching my scarf to the poppies…

I don't know
More fresh goodness. Loving my Pampered Chef Pineapple corer/peeler.

Sometime between 5:30 and 6:45
Photo shoot of these friends + their 4 kids. I always love to get some "just the two of them" pics when I photograph busy parents. 

And that's it for July's 10 on the 10th. 

Thank you Lord, for a beautiful day, where way more than 10 picturesque moments were captured in my head and heart. :) 


Rachel said...

Love your hair like that :)

Love seeing pieces of your day!

Andrea said...

drooling over here at those cinnamon rolls done in a waffle iron - yum! said...

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