Wednesday, April 18, 2012

 Wednesday afternoon brain dump

First things first: I am learning to live  life, where many of my waking hours are spent in a mini van, with a faulty gas gauge. You are welcome. I know everyone was greatly concerned about that. So far so good. Watching numbers is becoming very important. Which means I am more aware of how many miles I travel, and suffice it to say, it's a lot.

My camera is making a reappearance. not like I ever actually put it away for very long, but the cold months made it impossible to continue photographing at the rate that I had been in the fall. Oh how I have missed it! Last summer Dave bought me a new camera and it is a gem! It's a Nikon 5100. The sensor in this thing is far superior than that of my D60, and the low light capabilities are amazing!  The feel of it, the sound of it, and the results from it make my heart smile. Some say I have an addiction. To that I say, "well, it could be worse, no?" *grin*

I am in the midst of editing my latest photo session, with a marine daddy+mama and 2 cuties - and I am finding it quite difficult to pull myself away from the Mac... Check it out here.

A couple of nights ago I scored an espresso maker at a thrift store for $4. It isn't anything fancy, but it cleaned up beautifully and Dave and I had so much fun playing with it last night. Of course, it was 6:00pm when we started experimenting with drinks, and I tend to get very wired from caffeine, so it made for an interesting night, but SO worth it. 

I love my husband so much. See, we have this crazy life. It is so loud and busy and really doesn't slow down for anything. Sometimes we have to nearly shout to be heard above the chaos, and yet - we know that this is what we dreamed about someday having. We can laugh at how dead tired we are and how sometimes things just feel out of control and constant. We can make espresso after supper and ignore the feeling of dirt under our feet while we tease each other out of earshot of our boys. It's just nice. 

Guess who's really growing up? Yeah, all of them, but check out my Jay.

So big. 

We are moving forward towards what looks like big changes for our family. We have been working out more details of a full time possible ministry position for Dave. It's exciting, and freeing, and scary, and good all at once. Mostly it just continues to reinforce the truth in our hearts: when God says go, you go. And right now that is enough.

I had a conference at Noe's preschool yesterday. It was good. He's a good boy. He goes to kindergarten round up next Tuesday. *gulp*. I need to devote a post to this kid sometime soon. He is developing this crisp, black and white sense of right and wrong that is very good, and yet I can see problematic potential in it as well. All of our boys are so unique - and watching them develop their own minds and gifts is such a pleasure!

I need an intervention in my life as it pertains to the color yellow. It's over the top you guys. I can't get enough. It's all I want to wear. At least I am a second hand and clearance rack shopper... but really, I have yellow striped t-shirts, yellow heels (swoon), yellow flats, a yellow and brown lunch tote, a 40's style yellow double breasted jacket. Yellow is so sunshine-y and pretty. And I really don't want to stop.

Hello yellow, gray, and blue blog. 

I'm learning some important things about relationships. And they are very, very hard things for me to process. I am a highly relational person. I get tightly attached to people. History means the world to me. Realizing that the past can not erase the present is hard. Letting go is hard. learning to care from a distance and have boundaries is counterintuitive to me. But, as most of you probably know, it is a very wise concept to master. 

Okay, that is all I have time for right now. My to do list right now is truly mocking me. Enjoy the sunshine! Go wear yellow. You know you want to. 


Autumn said...

that was a great brain dump. i followed. :) is this the first time i've commented here? i suck. b/c i've read here for months and don't even remember where i came from to find you....

but i like your blog, it makes me smile. i understand the dirt on the floor and the shouting to have a conversation with my better half. have a great night!

Amy@My Front Porch said...

Yellow makes me happy :)

Christy said...

I heart yellow too! Makes me smile and feel summery. :)
Relationships are hard. I was thinking just today that it's hard when you have to allow them go through a season. I am super loyal and love openly so when the season changes and it doesn't return to the way it was it's hard......sigh. God always has a bigger better plan that involves different people to grow us at times when he's stretching us. And then there are the people to just love and encourage us on a daily basis like our husband and kids and us them . :) OK this was a run on post........

Laura said...

My gas gauge was broken for MONTHS! It was awful and so stressful!!!!

finally, after breaking down one too many times, we spent every dime to get another used car.
And the gas gauge works.
What a treat!

I will pray for you! For safe travels and a full gas tank!

(and I love how much you love your husband. you don't hear that enough in this world)