Monday, April 30, 2012

 The "mommy blogger" post

Sometimes I like to write essay type posts on the blog. I process by writing, and this is a great outlet for all of my words (and my husband thanks the blog for soaking up some of my overflow of words so he doesn't have to). There's the now weekly "brain dump" posts that help me empty the busy in my mind as well. But lets all just be honest for a moment here; we all know that I am really just a mommy blogger - writing cute stories (which likely 95% of the time are just cute to me and the grandmas) about my boys and slapping photos up of them all over the place.

So lets just embrace it, and wade right in, shall we?

My Noe Ben went to Kindergarten round up last Tuesday evening.

He is so ready for the big K.

I'm a teeny, tiny but more ready than I was with #1 and #2.

I'll still cry on his first day of school.

I just do that.

Check out my cutie pie!

Heaven help me. Class of 2025?!

Okay, maybe I am not as ready as I thought…

But seriously, he only missed the cut off for kindergarten this year by three weeks, so he'll do great.

Just fine.


He's going to be A-okay.

And so will mommy. *deep breath*

We have over 4 months to make sure of this.

He's a doll you guys! A treasure for sure. Unique, and so sensitive! He loved going to kindergarten round up, and it has been a big deal to him ever since he knew it was on the calendar. He talked about what he was going to wear for days (yes, he does get that from me thankyouverymuch). He chose a nice button down blue paisley shirt. One of the teachers commented on how spiffy he looked and his reply cracked us all up!

"Well….*chin down to chest a bit with eyes never breaking eye contact* I did take a bath"

Yes you did my pet.

While there, he was questioned in many academic areas, so that they have a good idea of where he stands in his learning. He was asked "how many feet does a dog have?"

His response was immediate; we are talking no process time, because this kind of stuff is innate to him (genetically.  *thanks Dave*).

 "Zero. They have paws."

Indeed. They do. No feet. Because people have feet.

Noe's preschool teacher is a big Noe fan. He loves her, she loves him - pretty much a win/win. She talked to me the other day about an incident at preschool that made us both giggle a bit. Apparently his teacher found some kind of a bottle in the classroom that was stuffed full of little plastic dinosaurs. She addressed the entire class about the fact that whoever put those dinos in there was not being very wise. She explained that they would be very hard to get out, perhaps even requiring cutting the bottle. Until they would be out, no one would be able to play with the prized dinosaurs.

Well, apparently my little man approached his teacher, Mrs. T, a little bit later and said, "Mrs. T, I think… I … should be the one to work on getting those dinosaurs out."

Upon being questioned about why he would take this on as his responsibility, he replied, "I put them all in there."

Oh, my boy. Mr. honest pants. Of course, for that I am thankful. (I wonder if there is some way I can blame Dave for the dinosaur stuffing impulses as well??)

And he, indeed, got every single one of those dinos out of the bottle. It sounds like it took him a good chunk of time, but he took responsibility for his actions.

I love him. He cracks me up so much. In addition to his sweetness/honesty/charm/sense of humor, he is also demonstrating a whining and stubborn side that aggravates the bajeebees out of me.  -Just have to be honest.

Noe has been asking to go out on a date with me for months. He earned a certificate for a free meal at a local pizza place by having a bajillion (give or take) books read to him during March, and so, suggested that we go and make that our date. I am ashamed to say that life just kept getting busier and busier and busier… and the longed for date got pushed back…and pushed back…and pushed back. After being asked for the 90th (give or take) time when we could go - I finally just said, "we are doing it Sunday after church. No more moving it!" - And so we did. It was a marvelous time for both of us and I learned a little bit more how much they crave that one on one time. They are so different by themselves, and I would do well to remember how important it is for them AND me to do this and do it often!

Love the glasses!

Little Mali… well, I can feel that we are inching closer and closer to three. It reveals the weakness in this mama, but seriously, age three makes me realize that I am nothing, nothing, against the depravity of human nature, with a heaping helping of stubborn, mixed thoroughly with manipulation (okay, I'll take that one. Those genes are mine…), and negotiating skills that rival the most educated of lawyers, all wrapped up in 3.5 feet of three year old.

I'll admit it guys - I need all the prayer, strength, and patience I can muster for this age.

And we will be there - this one last time - in 5.5 months. *Strapping on my mama armor*

This morning, I kid you not, it was a full out battle for about an hour and a half. He is way good at standing his ground. I'm trying to stand mine...

He is in that stage where he repeats most everything I say - such as - "Kai, we are going to pick up Noe from preschool now."

"Pick up Noe, mom? At preschool, mom?"

"Yep. It's what I said."

"Oh, mom"

And then… always…

"Why, mom. Why pick up Noe from preschool, mom?"

*Explains (every day) why he can't walk home… and he doesn't want to be left there…*

"When, mom? When we pick up Noe from preschool?"

"Well, now - we need to go now."

"Why, mom. Why now?"

- You get the picture.  :)This is cute. I love these little things about him.

He's a big bundle of sweet cuddliness, if perhaps somewhat Jekyl-and-hyde-esque in his 2 .5 year old splendor.

The other morning he came downstairs a little earlier than the other boys, and before he was down the stairs at a point where he could even see me, he said, "Mom Bi-bo? Reading Bi-bo, mom?"  -And that warmed my heart. Because I was on the couch reading my Bible, and that is what I want them to see, notice, remember. Someday I want them to remember that mom started each day with her Bi-bo. I don't do it every morning right now, but it is my prayer that any and all discipline issues that keep me from it will be surrendered, dealt with, and that it will be a daily unchangeable for me.

Once he was downstairs, Kai snuggled on my lap, next to my Bible, and quietly, almost inaudibly, said, "Mommy learn 'bout Je-shush. Learn how be a good mommy."

Yes, yes, yes. I must have said those things so many times, that he knows. He knows he has a mommy who relies on something, someONE other than herself and her own strength.

Yes Mals. You got that one right on.

I still  have plenty of mommy blogging to do as it relates to my other two, but time is fleeting, and I never have enough of it. I'm sure those who have been reading over here for a while (hi mom!) have noticed more of a weekly posting, instead of the every-other-day routine I used to faithfully devote, but my oh my are my days FULL!

In closing I will just give a quick K update, since many of you have asked how he is doing with his broken arm.

("A Reese's? Well, I think I will." 
Apart from the Little Einstein's, nothing puts a smile on the face of this little boy like seeing an orange, brown, and yellow package being handed to him. It's what the Dr. ordered)

He is amazing. Really, the way he has handled this break has surprised me. He has been pretty mature, and has shown a real adaptability. It does help that he broke his right arm, and his right side has been his weak side since he has been 3 days old. His left hand and arm are very dominate, and so he is still able to function reasonably well. We found out that the fracture is just a crack, and healing time should be about 2-3 weeks. That is a blessing. However, a couple of days ago, while Jay was practicing his "karate moves" he nailed K pretty good the right arm. For the record Jay felt terrible and was all apologies to his older brother. Then on Saturday night K fell out of bed, also injuring himself further.

Blahhh! And I wonder why I have so much gray hair…. These boys… are going to drive me insane!

…And I love them to pieces.

So, I feel like K hit a frustration point a couple of days ago. He is throwing some pretty impressive fits about anything that doesn't go his way. Although we are dealing with him on controlling his anger, I totally get how rough it is to be sore, off balance, and limited. His arm is still in a sling.

Okay, signing off for now. Many more mommy moments to be had!


Andrea said...

love reading about your boys - the tough and the sweet, and how it all rolls together :)

Hayley said...

Love them all! Ha ha ha re: Noah's dinosaurs.

Anonymous said...

I love your honesty & willingness to be transparent & all that you have time to share about yourself & your guys. Blessings

Sara@iSass said...

I agree with Andrea, I love hearing about your life, your joys, your struggles, you are so encouraging and so honest.
Boys are precious, not that I don't think girls are wonderful, they are, but boys and momma's...well that is a totally different thing!
What a brave boy, Noe is for admitting to stuffing the animals in the bottle. Makes a momma proud when these little rascals do the right thing! :0)

Rach@In His Hands said...

Your life, your boys, your happenings are all kinds of wonderful. Thank you for giving us a peek into it all, friend!

Pass the Reese's, K. ;)

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